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Sisters Morales Cinco de Mayo Concert


Mexican-American sisters Lisa and Roberta Morales from San Antonio play Rock, Country, Blues, and Latin

Thu. May 5 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent


Sisters Morales grew up in Tucson, AZ, learning to sing traditional Mexican music and developing their own brand of pop. They separated after high school, but in 1989, when Roberta came in to sing background vocals for a band Lisa had formed, they began performing together again. After moving to Houston, they attracted interest from the country music establishment in Nashville, but ultimately opted for an independent path, releasing their debut album, Ain't No Perfect Diamond, on their own Luna Records label in October 1997. Someplace Far Away from Here, another combination of English and Spanish songs, followed in 1999. In 2002, by now based in San Antonio, the sisters released their third album, Para Gloria, an all-Spanish-language set dedicated to their mother.

Artist sites and sounds:   www.facebook.com/Sisters-Morales-61018094969/

Sharon Allen with Her Dusty Boots and Blues


"A Night of Folk, Alt-Country and Blues —We're Going To  Dance Tonight"

Fri. May 6 at 8pm
 $15 adv./$18 door Dance – ages 21 +


Sharon Allen loves to sing.  And people love to hear her songs. Having previously played with The Firebirds from 1979-2002 she was known as the "Little Lady with the Big Voice" and graced many a stage singing blues and working with the likes of B.B. King, Boz Scaggs, Robben Ford, Johnny Winter and Elvin Bishop.   In 2002, Sharon found her writer's voice and an ongoing collaboration with Sherry Austin, known as Sherry Austin with Henhouse.  Working on songwriting and harmonies with Sherry gave her a renewed appreciation of acoustic music from her early years back east.  She found her natural home in the folk music family of California's central coast.   In 2010, Sharon formed The Dusty Boots playing country and folk music with Charlie Joe Wallace; guitar, Jerry Bradley; bass and Jimmy Norris; drums. Bringing together musicians from her past and present for an evening of country and blues she brings to the stage a talented group of players.  Joining The Dusty Boots for the evening, Mike Mongielo; guitar, Jim Hannibal; saxophone and Kenny Karst; trombone will add their flavor to the mix and get you dancing and your toes tapping.  

Artist sites and sounds:  http://sharon-allen.com

EmiSunshine plus The Rain


She's 11. She's from Tennessee. But don't think Taylor Swift. Think “Old Soul”. Think Doc Watson, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin and The Carter Family. Think Stunning.

Sat. May 7 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent


EmiSunshine: It's impossible to explain the exceptional talents of EmiSunshine, an 11-year-old East Tennessee prodigy who has captured the nation's attention as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  Steeped in Appalachian music, she is a true vocal stylist, one who instinctively knows how to interpret the nuances of a song with her impressive range, even though she has yet to gain the life experience and empathy seemingly necessary to fully comprehend the words she sings. Despite a given name that reflects optimism, she is drawn to darker themes of pain, anguish and even murder, like that of The Louvin Brothers, whom she loves. The Tennessean is just the latest to describe her as “an old soul,” noting, “Onstage, this soul's presence is commanding and her singing voice authentic and folksy.” While her youth might remind many of Taylor Swift, a more apt comparison would be to artists Doc Watson, Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss or members of the Carter Family.

The Rain is EmiSunshine's outstanding band who will be also be opening the show.

Artist sites and sounds:  http://theemisunshine.com

Rick Scott, Neal Hellman, Verlene Schermer
7pm Concert

Dulcimers, nyckelharpas, funny stories and great songs will by flying all over the place as these three put on a show

Sun. May 8 at 7pm
$15 adv./$15 door  seated <21 w/parent

Rick Scott is his own genre: an award winning singer, songwriter, storyteller and Canada's leading proponent of Appalachian mountain dulcimer. Rooted in folk and blues, inspired by Pete Seeger, Danny Kaye and Broadway musicals, he`s released 18 albums and over 45 years has performed his lively, original music in nine countries. From folk clubs and festivals to symphonies and schools, he entertains audiences of all size and ages with laughter, compassion and groove.  Rick plays dulcimer stand-up guitar-style, with an assortment of self-taught picks, strums and tunings. He emerged in Canadian folk music in the '70s, touring far and wide with iconic trio Pied Pumkin and duo Pied Pear.  

Neal Hellman, nationally acclaimed performer and teacher of the mountain dulcimer, has been active in performing, writing, teaching, and recording acoustic music for the past 30 years, Neal's latest recording, Emma's Waltz , is a colorful dance through traditional and contemporary acoustic music styles, featuring seventeen different musicians playing compositions from Ireland, Scotland, Finland, America and France. Neal's other recordings include: Autumn In the Valley, Dream of the Manatee (with Joe Weed) and Oktober County, all on the Gourd Music label. An original composition, written by Neal and performed by Jay Unger and Molly Mason, is featured on the Ken Burns production Not for Ourselves Alone. Neal has placed a number of other tracks on the films of Ken Burns including Horatio's Drive, National Parks: America's Best Idea and the upcoming production of The Dust Bowl (2012).

Verlene Schermer's   musical interests and endeavors have included singing and playing viola da gamba with a Renaissance trio, singing and playing jazz and blues on electric harp in a 4-piece band, playing Irish and Scottish fiddle, and playing Celtic music on harp. Her original songs can be found on 5 CDs and her arrangements for solo folk harp can be found in music stores around the world. She formed the band, Nykken, with two other musicians and played nyckelharpa, harpguitar, cittra (Swedish zither), violin, hardingfele, and harp, and sang songs in Swedish.

Artist sites and sounds: www.rickscott.ca and www.gourd.com/hellmann.html www.verlene.com

Jeffrey Foucault plus Laurie Sargent



“Jeffrey Foucault, sings stark, literate songs that are as wide open as the landscape of his native Midwest.”  THE NEW YORKER

Thu. May 12 at 7:30pm
$18 adv./$18 door seated <21 w/parent


“I first saw Foucault play in a little Missoula theatre years ago, when many of us who grew up spinning our elders' albums—Townes and Dylan, John Prine and Greg Brown—wandered around dolorously wondering when the next real songwriter would come along. Stetson sweaty, that little vagabond spark in his eye, he spun out a long Beam-fueled set and when it was over I walked out into the warm rain and thought, Damn. So that's where he's been. Since then Foucault has given American poetry some of its most vital lines and his musical searchings have become touchstones of density and durability. On this new record—his most poignant, honest, even scathing—his cry is a belt of pure blue Wisconsin lake ice with a back of December sunlight angling through bare limbed birches. Not so much penned as lived, these songs—about a show played perfectly to an empty bar, the real ones who die with nothing half the time—offer listeners that rare artistic combination of a voice and a world. And while there's nothing not lonely about these songs, you can't hear them and feel remotely alone. Here is our hurricane lamp, the heart whose flame won't go out, whatever the wind. Hold it close.” -Chris Dombrowski (from the liner notes to SALT AS WOLVES) 

Laurie Sargent:  “I consider myself a singer. All my life I have made music. I think of it as oral painting. It is big and noisy in a most enjoyable way. 

Artist sites and sounds: www.jeffreyfoucault.com and www.lauriesargentart.com


Almost Cut My Hair  Tribute to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Fri. May 13 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door  seated <21 w/parent

The Almost Cut My Hair Tour returns to Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Felton for the sixth time to dazzle the audience with a tribute to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Led by Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame recipient Gary Burr, Almost Cut My Hair provides a spot-on rendition of CSN&Y tunes with amazing musicianship and vocal harmonies. Gary Burr, is currently on tour with his OTHER band The Blue Sky Riders, with Kenny Loggins, and Georgia Middleman. Almost Cut My Hair also features some great local favorites, such as, Scott Owens on guitar and vocals, his brother Craig Owens on bass and vocals, and Dean Newbury on percussion and vocals. Dean is also the executive producer of the show. Rounding out the band will be Michael Capella on pedal steel and vocals, Gary Henry on drums and vocals, Mark Mirando on keyboards and vocals, Joe Sita on guitar and vocals. 

Artist sites and sounds: www.garyburr.com



An Electrifying 14 Piece Tribute to Michael Jackson

Sat. May 14 at 8pm
$17 adv./$20 door Dance – ages 21 +

Foreveland is a 14-piece tribute to one of the most amazing entertainers in the world, Mr. Michael Jackson. Based in San Francisco, the group was formed in March of 2009 to honor Michael's musical genius and legendary showmanship. With four lead vocalists, four horns and a six-piece rhythm section, the ensemble is best described as a "Remarkable and Rocking Michael Jackson Revue." 

Rather than be limited by a MJ impersonator and pre-recorded backing tracks, the band's unique approach is to celebrate the larger than life performances, imagination and infectious spirit of this legendary artist. The result is a fabulous and thumping 14-piece show band that pays homage to MJ's undeniable talent and timeless dance music.  And as the band likes to say, "Don't Blame It On The Sunshine, Don't Blame It On The Moonlight, Don't Blame It On The Good Times, BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE! 

Artist sites and sounds: www.foreverlandsf.com

Villanelle  2pm concert


Uniquely arranged jazz, Celtic, folk, traditional American, country, and gospel tunes

Sun. May 15 at 2pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent

Lynnette and Karen perform a wide variety of styles including jazz, Celtic, folk, traditional American, country, and Gospel.  An array of instruments are used during their program, including guitar, piano, dulcimer, concertina, flute, recorder, ukulele, and autoharp, giving each tune it's own unique sound, creatively arranged with exquisite vocal harmonies. Villanelle performs a refreshingly diverse assortment of songs, uniquely arranged to create a wonderful musical experience for all ages that is beautiful, harmonious, inspirational, and fun!” 

Artist sites and sounds:   www.villanellemusic.com

Ronny Cox plus Stevie Coyle

Ronny Cox is a superbly talented singer-songwriter, musician and heralded movie actor and Stevie, of The Waybacks and The Foremen, an entertaining solo artist 

Sun. May 15 at 7pm
$10 av./$10 door seated <21 w/parent


Ronny Cox: Ronny Cox is a superbly talented singer-songwriter, musician and actor who has been consistently active in the music world and Hollywood for over 40 years. Ronny's music is eclectic, a woven tapestry of songs and stories with an over-all arc that eventually comes together and tells something about “the human condition”. Scores of fans and promoters will attest that attending one of his performances is one of the greatest evenings to experience. With the gift of a consummate storyteller, he shares funny, sad and tender moments. Enhancing these great stories is the music provided by Ronny and his band of world-class, virtuoso musicians. A look of familiarity has helped make Cox one of Hollywood's most versatile character actors. His first time in front of a camera featured him playing the guitar in the Dueling Banjos scene in Deliverance, creating one of the most iconic moments in the history of moviemaking. He has also appeared in films like Beverly Hills Cop, Total Recall, Taps, Bound For Glory, The Onion Field, all told over 125 movies and television appearances

Stevie Coyle is formerly of the Waybacks and along with his good friend Roy Zimmerman have worked closely in several collaborations over the past 25 years, including folk tribute / parody band The Foremen and comedy duo The Reagan Bros. It didn't hurt, either, that, when he was a kid, string-meister David Lindley played in a bluegrass band that rehearsed right next door and gave Stevie his very first lessons, or that his dear Granny was a pianist in the heyday of vaudeville and that his sainted mother was a whiz in mandolin orchestras during the 1930s.  Now he is a very entertaining solo artist.

Artist sites and sounds: www.ronnycox.com and www.steviecoyle.com

A Bear's Choice  Dave Abear of Melvin Seals & JGB



A variety of music in the style of Jerry Garcia: Dead, Jerry, Original and Other Cover Tunes

Wed. May 18 at 8pm
$10 adv./$12 door Dance – ages 21 +

A Bear's Choice is a Jerry Garcia inspired band. By formula we are always true to the Grateful Dead and the Jerry Garcia tone and feel, while blending Dave's original material into the sets and choosing other artists to cover making for a dynamic well-balanced show. We believe that fans of the Grateful Dead and their music enjoy hearing the evolution of this material, while also being transported back to a time and place where this music was discovered for them. Fronted by Dave Hebert (pronounced: Abear) who is also the lead guitarist and vocalist for Melvin Seals and JGB, A Bear's Choice draws its members from many bands that bring different musicians together from all over the country playing their favorite music. Every show is new and exciting and we truly let the music play the band.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.daveabear.com/p/bears-coice.html

U.S. Elevator


U.S. Elevator, rockin' brain child of Johnny Irion, of Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, will transport you to enchanting musical places near and far. 

Fri. May 20 at 8:30pm
$15 adv. $15 door ALL STANDING – ages 21 +

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

U.S. Elevator will transport you. And not just up and down but to enchanting musical places near and far. Their music is filled with loving and wily winks at the visionary forces of the 1960's and 1970's—The Beatles, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Gram Parsons, and the Hollies for starters—and is the same time thoroughly original, contemporary, and richly melodic.  The Santa Barbara based band is the brainchild of Johnny Irion, musical partner and husband of Sarah Lee Guthrie. Following Sarah Lee and Johnny's fifth album, the acclaimed Wassaic Way and two solo albums, johnny assembled U. S. Elevator as the rocking alter-ego to the couples eclectic and unbounded folk music.

Artist sites and sounds: www.uselevator.net

The John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band


Four legendary musicians   John Jorgenson on guitar and mandolin, Herb Pedersen on banjo, Jon Randall on guitar, and Mark Fain on bass

Sat. May 21 at 8pm
$25 adv./$25 door seated <21 w/parent

The John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band , features four legendary musicians John Jorgenson on guitar and mandolin, Herb Pedersen on banjo, Jon Randall on guitar, and Mark Fain on bass. Jorgenson and Pedersen are founders (with Chris Hillman) of the formative country rock band: Desert Rose Band. After working as a freelance musician in Southern California including a residence at Disneyland, Jorgenson met Chris Hillman and soon formed the Desert Rose Band. In 1990 he went on to found the Hellecasters and toured with Elton John's band for six years. Artists ranging from Barbra Streisand to Bonnie Raitt to Earl Scruggs have sought out Jorgenson's guitar work. John Jorgenson portrayed Django Reinhardt in the Hollywood feature film "Head in the Clouds." In 2008 was nominated for Best Bluegrass Album with Earl Scruggs. Herb Pedersen was a member of legendary bluegrass band The Dillards as well as bluegrass super group Old and In the Way and the Laurel Canyon Ramblers. Jon Randall first gained recognition as guitarist for Emmylou Harris' band, the Grammy winning Nash Ramblers. He has toured with Earl Scruggs and Sam Bush and recorded with Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, Linda Ronstadt and many others. Mark Fain toured and recorded as bass player for Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder for 13 years. He's also toured and recorded with the Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton, and Dwight Yoakam.

Artist sites and sounds: www.johnjorgenson.com/index.php/bio/john-jorgenson-bluegrass-band/?&aig_p323=2

Scotts Valley High School Music Production
2pm Matinee


High School Songwriters Rock The House and Raise Funds

Sun. May 22 at 2pm
$7 adv./$7 door seated <21 w/parent

The ROP (Regional Occupational Program) Music Production and Recording Arts class at Scotts Valley High School will be performing original songs at Don Quixote's on Sunday, May 22th at 2pm. The afternoon will feature students in a variety of combos representing styles from Rock to Rap. Funds raised will go towards the school's recording studio for new microphones and MIDI keyboards.  Artist sites and sounds: www.svhsmusicdept.wordpress.com

Linsey Aitken & Ken Campbell   7pm Concert


 “Wonderful, your music truly unites people, fantastic ambassadors for Scotland, and very talented musicians.”  City Days Festival, Russia.

Sun. May 22 at 7pm
$14 adv./$16 door  seated <21 w/parent

$12 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of $2 rebate


From Loch Lomond Scotland 

Linsey Aitken  & Ken Campbell : “Wonderful, your music truly unites people, fantastic ambassadors for Scotland, and very talented musicians.   What wonderful songs and music you've composed.”  City Days Festival, Russia.  Their Full story weaves together many threads from the worlds of Traditional, Classical,  and Contemporary Music, where historically all three genre of music were interlinked in Scotland's musical identity . Linsey Aitken -   A highly regarded cellist, pianist and vocalist encompassing many genres and styles from Classical to Traditional music. Ken Campbell -   Scottish singer/songwriter with a well established pedigree over 30 years, with five albums to date, festivals, concerts, TV and radio throughout Europe and beyond. 

Artist sites and Sounds: www.linskenscotland.co.uk

Trio Balkan Strings 

"Trio Balkan Strings dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring. The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful."  John McLaughlin 

Mon. May 23 at 7:30pm
$15 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent 

presented with snazzy productions 

Balkan Swing—World Fusion

Trio Balkan Strings (Zoran Starcevic & sons) performs its original guitar music, a fusion of Balkan music: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental, Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Classical music, asymmetrical rhythms and original guitar interpretation. The result, combining many cultures, is BALKAN SWING - WORLD FUSION, virtuoso, rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy. Authentic, attractive music with the finest taste, real presentation of guitar music in Balkan Jazz style, unique interpretation from three of them and the universal music language, without frontiers.  A real music trip by Balkan carpet, so if you like Jazz, Swing, Ethno, Classical, or you simply like guitar music, it is your perfect choice. They invented 6 hands playing on one guitar and that is their trademark. 

"Trio Balkan Strings dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring. The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful."  John McLaughlin 

Artist sites and Sounds: www.starcevic.co.rs

The Security Project plus Walkers


 A Unique Celebration of the work of Peter Gabriel featuring actual members of Peter Gabriel and King Crimson:  Jerry Morotta and Trey Gunn

Tue. May 24 at 7:30pm
$15 adv./$20 door seated <21 w/parent

The Security Project: The timeless music of PETER GABRIEL has found new life through The Security Project.  Featuring former members of Peter Gabriel Band, King Crimson, Shriekback, The Security Project not only recreates these masterpieces live, but gives them new musical wings for the 21st century.  The reviews have been glowing: “Scary Good Show!” raves Progression Magazine after their premiere in New York City.  Noted musicians also have given a thumbs up, including Tony Levin, Larry Fast (both from Gabriel's band) Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jon Anderson (Yes), Gabriel Mixer/Producer Tom Lord-Alge, Gabriel analyst Lilywhite Leigh, to name a few, have taken note.  The Security Project is Jerry Marotta  (of Peter Gabriel), Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals; Trey Gunn (of King Crimson and Robert Fripp Band), Warr Guitar, Backing Vocals; Brian Cummins (of Sky Cries Mary, Shriekback), Lead Vocals; Michael Cozzi, Guitars Backing Vocals; David Jameson, Keyboards, Eigenharp.

Walkers : Rick and Bill Walker have been leaders in the Santa Cruz music scene for over 35 years. As members of popular local bands, Tao Chemical, Rhythmical and World Collide as well as there international careers as live looping artists. They have been major instigators in the field of  World Fusion helping to kick start the 'World Beat' movement of the early 1980's.  Their duo live looping project, 'WALKERS'  brings an improvisatory approach that blends world music, Americana with modern electronic music and live looping, all with a distinct psychedelic edge.  

Artist sites and Sounds: http://securityprojectband.com and http://billwalkermusic.com and www.watershed-arts.com/walker.html

One Lane Bridge with virtuoso mandolinist Ashley Broder



Wed. May 25 at 7:30pm
  $15 adv./$17 door seated <21 w/parent

$13 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of $2 rebate

One Lane Bridge: The dynamic acoustic trio of guitarist William Coulter, cellist Aria DiSalvio, and fiddler John Weed will mesmerize and delight with their unique, artful arrangements of traditional and contemporary tunes. Fusing folk styles from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Spain with modern influences results in something both ancient and cutting edge -- a rhythmically vibrant, melodically engaging chamber-folk music at home in the concert

hall or on the dance floor.

Ashley Broder has an elegant, understated picking style. She is a former Western Open Picking  champion, and the 2008 winner of the “Best Traditional Song” category  in the Independent Music Awards

Artist sites and Sounds: http://williamcoulterguitar.com/onelanebridge

Todd Mosby & The New Horizons Ensemble
with Michael Manring


What a stunning lineup of world renowned players uniquely combining jazz, bluegrass, folk and North India  classical

Thu. May 26 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door  seated <21 w/parent

CD release for The New Horizons Ensemble's  “On Eagle Mountain”. 

Todd Mosby : Genre Defying Guitarist, Composer, Improvisor. Uniquely combining jazz, bluegrass, folk and classical North India Todd Mosby is slated to redefine the contemporary Instrumental genre.  Performing a mix of original and familiar compositions, this ensemble rocks with a virtuoso flair.  The New Horizons Ensemble includes Michael Manring, Premik Russell Tubbs and Jeff Haynes.

Michael Manring , one the most musically creative bass players on the planet, is not only playing with Todd and the New Horizons ensemble, he will be doing a set of his own material.

Premik Russell Tubbs is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist performs on various flutes, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones and lap steel guitar. Premik has worked with Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Ravi Shankar, Narada Michael Walden,  James Taylor, Sting and Lady Gaga just to name a few.

Jeff Haynes: Grammy Award winning percussionist, Jeff Haynes has toured extensively with Harry Belafonte, Cassandra Wilson, and The Pat Metheney Group. His versatility as a seasoned multi-genre percussionist continues to be part of today's sound with artists representing classical, to world beat to American Folk.

Artist site and sounds: www.toddmosbymusic.com and www.manthing.com and  www.jeffhaynesmusic.com and www.premik.com

Jerry Miller Band


Legendary Moby Grape Guitarist makes long awaited return

Fri. May 27 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

Jerry Miller was lead guitarist for the legendary rock band Moby Grape which was featured prominently in the 40th Anniversary Edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Eric Clapton called him the best guitar player in the world when he came to America in the 60's. Jerry was included in Rolling Stone Magazine's The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.  The Moby Grape hit Hey Grandma co-written by Jerry appears in the Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn movie “The Interpreter” 

Artist sites and sounds: https://myspace.com/mobygrapesjerrymiller

Mustache Harbor


They call it Yacht Rock -- San Francisco's Hottest Party Band—Selling out Big SF Venues multiple nights!

Sat. May 28 at 8pm
$12 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

This is a soft rock party explosion.  Do you like the Eagles, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, UB40, Boston, Toto, Jacson Browne, Lionel Richie, Elton John, Boz Scaggs? Do you like non-stop hits? A band that puts on a show?  Dancing all night long?  Mustache Harbor is San Francisco's newest and most happening party band. With recent sell-out shows at Slim's, Bimbo's 365 Club and standing ovations received at appearances at The Fillmore and Outside Lands Festival Mustache Harbor have brought a whole new unstoppable party sensation to the scene. In their own words: “Our mission, our destiny, is simple, to build a mustache army capable of creating a Soft Rock Explosion the likes of which has not been seen since the days when Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Ace, Kenny Loggins and The Little River Band, to name but a few, created A.M. Gold. So Join us! party with us, live with us, work out at the dojo with us, sing with us, slap on a stash and drink from our bountiful coconuts filled with delicious grooves and tasty hooks.”

Artist sites and sounds:   http://mustacheharbor.com

Richard Stockton, Cynthia Carle, Daniel Cainer  7pm Concert


A night of musical comedy with headliners from London, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz

Sun. May 29 at 7pm
$15 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent


RIchard Stockton:  “Stockton hits the mark with his easygoing storytelling style, physical clowning and wry observations--a wildly entertaining one-man extravaganza.”

Cynthia Carle: Returning to the Music Hall after a hugely enjoyable performance with Roy Zimmerman earlier this year, Cynthia is one of the few original voices in music today. Her wry observations on life and delicious wit are as refreshing in music as they are rare. Prepare to be dazzled.

Daniel Cainer: The ‘Comic Bard of Anglo-Jewry' Daniel Cainer appeared at DQs last year with the legendary Christine Lavin and friends, with excerpts from his two award winning theatre shows and brought the house down. Smart, funny, and timely, Cainer's deeply moving tales about his family and observational comedy are a joy. Brilliant rhyming and wordplay, great musicianship and haunting tunes you won't forget.  Edinburgh Fringe Award Winner and Highly Recommended show 2014, 2015.  “Cainer's songs are heart-rending, delicate, and witty in all the right places.” UK Daily Express

Artist sites and sounds:   http://richardstockton.com and www.cynthiacarlemusic.com and   www.danielcainer.com

Happy Valley Band plus Zachary James Watkins 


Imagine James Brown backed by Sun Ra Arkestra, Madonna with a jittery freak-out synth rhythm section, and Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass 

Wed. June 1 at 7:30pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent


The Happy Valley Band is a cover band like you've never heard before. They play machine deconstructions of popular tunes, filtered through the brain of a computer. You'll hear James Brown backed by a simmering Sun Ra Arkestra, Madonna with a jittery freak-out synth rhythm section, and Herb Alpert with a Tijuana Brass that must have been led by Charles Ives. Their debut album ORGANVM PERCEPTVS, five years in the making, will be out on Santa Cruz label Indexical in 2016.

Zachary James Watkins builds clouds of dense harmonic tones and cuts through them with transcendent electric guitar melodies. The deep vibrations he creates through layering and expanding harmonies leave the room resonating with energy. He is an Oakland-based sound artist with degrees in composition from Cornish College of the Arts and Mills College, and is one-half of the ecstatic duo Black Spirituals. He has shared bills with Earth, the Sun Ra Arkestra, and many others, and releases music on the labels Important Records, Cassauna, Touch, The Tapeworm, Confront, Land & Sea and Sige.

Artist sites and sounds:  Happy Valley Band  http://www.indexical.org and https://vimeo.com/159568524 and Zachary at https://cassauna.bandcamp.com/album/movable

The Post Street Rhythm Peddlers,
Eve of Eden, Grampa's Chili



Shake your sugar with three Santa Cruz bands bringing you a night of psychedelic jams, indie rock and New Orleans flavor.

  Thu. June 2 at 8pm
$10 adv. / $10 door  Dance – ages 21 +

Post Street Rhythm Peddlers: Evoking the seductive sound of 1920's New Orleans prohibition era jazz, the Post Street Rhythm Peddlers are the seven-piece culmination of piano, banjo, drums, bass, and a combo of trumpet, clarinet, trombone, violin, with sassy female vocals at the helm. This distinctively high-energy crew lures their audience back in time through the Southern boulevards into a world of sinnin', salvation, and bathtub gin, revisiting a place where the hardships of life are cause for a high-spirited musical celebration.

Eve of Eden: A new rock & soul band honoring the timeless tradition of getting back to the garden, Eve of Eden fuses harmonic melodies and driving rhythms to create a sound that is both rootsy and etheric. Bandleader Aliza Hava is an award-winning singer/songwriter joined by Deirdre Egan on Celtic harp & keys, Tyler Larson on lead guitar, Jesse Strauss on bass and Cory Graves on drums. Hava's songs have been included on musical soundtracks along with songwriting luminaries such as Annie Lennox, Rickie Lee Jones, Lucinda Williams, Jackson Browne and more.  The debut album, featuring the Midas touch of multi-platinum, Grammy winning producer Toby Wright (Heart, The Wallflowers, Alice in Chains), Stephen George (Sting, Paul Simon, Mary J. Blige) and Ron Zabrocki (Guitar World) is due late Spring 2016.  

Grampa's Chili : Since the early 1990's, Grampa's Chili has been simmerin' their unique blend of meaty Rock-n-Roll with some Americana spice, a ladle full of Mountain Boogie, and a side of rich, thick Jam. Grampa's Chili music is fun, infectious, and will bring a swing to yer hips, a tap to your feet, and a hoot-n-holler from the bottom of your belly.

Artist sites and sounds:  http://poststreetrhythmpeddlers.com/ and www.eveofedenmusic.com and www.grampaschili.net

The Sun Kings


A Beatles Tribute as Nature Intended

Fri. June 3 at 8pm
$17 adv./$20 door   Dance – ages 21 +


Get ready Rubber Soul and Revolver fans! In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of 1966, The Sun Kings will feature the songs of that year. But wait--there's much more! For those who love The Sun Kings' concerts spanning the music of The Beatles' most amazing career, there will be plenty of that for you as well. It is guaranteed to be a splendid time for all! Audiences and critics alike absolutely love The Sun Kings' energy and spot on recreation of The Beatles' music. The Sun Kings are considered one of the premier Beatles tribute acts in the country. Packing theatres and selling out shows along the West Coast and beyond, The Sun Kings continue to amaze their fans and win over skeptics, with their uncanny channeling and respect for the music they perform. With a repertoire of over 150 songs The Sun Kings shine in concert with arrangements and vocal harmonies delivered with the authenticity and vitality that recall the earliest Beatles performances.

“The Sun Kings are the best Beatles band I've ever heard, and that includes the original Beatlemania cast, circa 1977.” -Scott Lettieri, KGO Radio San Francisco.  

 Artist sites and sounds:  www.thesunkings.com

Painted Mandolin ACOUSTIC GARCIA with Joe Craven (of Garcia / Grisman Band), Matt Hartle, Larry Graff, Roger Sideman



Sat. June 4 at 8:30pm
$15 adv./$15 door  Dance – ages 21 +

The debut show of this new band will explore, the acoustic side of Jerry Garcia from his Jug Band days to Old and In the Way through the Dead's ‘Reckoning period, and the Garcia Grisman Band. The Acoustic Garcia band includes: Matt Hartle, lead guitar in Spirit of 76, Chinacats, and Shady Groove; Larry Graff, lead guitar in the Banana Slug String Band, and Slugs n' Roses; Roger Sideman, Bass in the Chinacats, and David Gans & Sycamore Slough String Band; Joe Craven, Violin/Mandolin, was a member of the Garcia Grisman Band from 1991-1994, and a member of the David Grisman Quintet from 1989-2004.

Artist sites and sounds: www.facebook.com/thechinacats and  www.facebook.com/slugsnroses and  www.facebook.com/gratefuldeadspirit76 and http://joecraven.com

Molly Tuttle & John Mailander 
2pm Matinee


Acoustic virtuosity
 and song craft in
many roots styles 

Sun. June 5 at 2pm
$10 adv./$12 door seated <21 w/parent

Molly Tuttle and John Mailander are individually renowned musicians currently studying at Berklee College of Music and joining together to perform their dynamic blend of original acoustic music. Molly Tuttle is has been widely recognized for her longtime contributions to the The Tuttle Family Band. Together, Mailander and Tuttle create an honest and soulful mix of original and traditional music that respects the past while also looking toward the future of acoustic music. They have performed together at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, and the Summergrass Bluegrass Festival. John Mailander is a San Diego–based musician who plays in a variety of styles on the fiddle, mandolin, and various other stringed instruments. Mailander has shared the stage with acclaimed artists such as the Alison Brown Quartet, Victor Wooten and Tony Trischka. With nearly two million viewers on YouTube, Molly Tuttle is making a name for herself in the acoustic music scene and has been featured in Bluegrass Now, Flatpicking Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar magazines. A virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and an award-winning songwriter with a distinctive voice, in 2012 she won Best Female Vocalist and Best Guitar Player awards from the Northern California Bluegrass Society and first place in the prestigious MerleFest Chris Austin Songwriting Competition. Tuttle has appeared on A Prairie Home Companion

Artist sites and sounds: www.berklee.edu/events/john-mailander-and-molly-tuttle and  www.mollytuttle.net and www.johnmailander.com

Michelle Chappel plus Michael Gaither
7pm Concert



From UCSC p rofessor  to international hitmaker.  From Jay Leno joke writer to  engaging song crafter.

Sun. June 5 at 7pm
$10 adv./$12 door seated <21 w/parent

Michelle Chappel: Despite being called "crazy" by her mother and colleagues, Michelle ditched academics to follow her childhood dream to be a rock star after being voted “Most Inspirational Professor” at UCSC. Since then she's had top 10 and 20 radio singles overseas; a #1 hit on US college radio; and 7 songs featured on TV. Her new CD "Call Me Crazy" encourages us all to follow our hearts and dare to be different. "Several songs have hit written all over them. Be inspired." Bree Noble, Woman of Substance Radio. 

Michael Gaither: Whether you call it Americana, folk, or singer-songwriter, Michael Gaither is a storyteller. He crafts songs that cover small-town nostalgia to modern technology, with humorous takes on everyday life. A Santa Cruz County native, his songs also have a healthy preoccupation with locales from the past (“Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night”) and present (“Highway 17?). Michael turned to songwriting after a background in journalism and a narrow brush with standup comedy. (He sold jokes to Jay Leno.  Michael has released four CDs of original songs, all of which have received international airplay.

Artist sites and sounds: http://michellechappel.com and www.michaelgaither.com

Jimmie Dale Gilmore plus Colin Gilmore


Father and son and a rich roots, deeply soulful mix of country, rock, and folk music

Thu. June 9 at 7:30pm
$20 adv./$20 door  seated <21 w/parent


Jimmie Dale Gilmore : With his warm, warbling tenor voice and folksy, friendly approach to both his music and his audiences, Jimmie Dale Gilmore is an easy guy to like.His music is a rich blend of traditional country, folk, blues, and rock styles, and his lyrics reflect both his philosophical interests and his inherent down-home nature. Since moving to Austin, TX, and reviving his career in the 1980s, Gilmore has in many ways come to represent the current Austin music scene -- its rootsy mix of country, rock, and folk music -- the way Willie Nelson once reigned as king of the town's cosmic cowboys in the 1970s. Jimmy along with Joe Ely and Butch Hancock were the legendary Flatlanders.

Colin Gilmore: Colin Gilmore grew up in Lubbock, Texas, spending many nights as a child in nightclubs like Stubbs, where he witnessed songwriters like Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and his own father, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, bring the stage to life. He developed a taste for Buddy Holly, Townes Van Zandt, and bands like The Clash and The Pogues. His second album Goodnight Lane won fans across the world and critical acclaim, including 4-star reviews in Mojo and Uncut. His star quality, both in live performances and songwriting, is understated but real. And he's just getting started.

Artist site and sounds:   www.facebook.com/JimmieDaleGilmore and www.colingilmore.com

Giant Sand featuring Howe Gelb


New CD is Heartbreak Pass.   Southwestern roots, lo-fi, jazz,country and punk can inspire the soundscape a Howe Gelb creation

Fri. June 10 at 9pm
$20 adv./$20 door ALL STANDING – ages 21 +

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

"Giant Sand is a mood," explained Howe, as if to simplify the dizzying breadth of his prolific output as an artist. With an impressive catalog of material that stretches back to 1983, he can easily claim some 40 albums to his credentials as both a band leader and a solo performer, each of which maintains its own genre-defying singularity while also drawing on the not-so disparate threads of country, southwestern roots, lo-fi, jazz, and punk–or the “yippity and happenstance“ that arises to inspire the soundscape of whatever project Gelb is involved in creating.

Artist sites and sounds:   http://howegelb.com/home-1/

House of Floyd


Dazzling Full Production Pink Floyd Tribute

Sat. June 11 at 8pm
$17 adv./$20 door seated <21 w/parent

House of Floyd is San Francisco's immersive Pink Floyd tribute band. Rather than simply replicating the iconic band's recorded songs, House of Floyd focuses on the adventurous live arrangements and sonic explorations of their namesake. Built around the jam-based interpretations and engulfing sound effects and visuals that made Pink Floyd's live sets so popular, House of Floyd delivers serious musical magic: stellar musicians, the legendary films and tape effects, surround sound, atmospheric lighting, lasers, fog, and all that hypnotic Floyd.

Artist site and sounds:   www.houseoffloyd.com

Dengue Fever 8pm Concert


(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

Sun. June 12 8pm
$15 adv./$18 door ALL STANDING – ages 21 +

Plunging headlong into their second decade as a band, DENGUE FEVER's new album, The Deepest Lake, their fifth full-length of all-new material, comes at a critical juncture in the band's career. After forming their own label Tuk Tuk Records, the band crossed over into a brave new world as both artist and record label owner's. Today find themselves able to wear two hats – as creative musicians with no boundaries as well as label owners who make their own decisions on where, when and how to fabricate their career. The net result is the aforementioned, The Deepest Lake, a record with more musical diversions than the Mekong River itself. Released in January 27, 2015 – US/Canada & February 2, 2015 in the rest of the world, the ten tracks on The Deepest Lake will satiate longtime fans as well as newcomers looking for something altogether different. Widely recognized for their trademark blend of 60's Cambodian pop and psychedelic rock, Dengue Fever's latest release expands their musical palette to include Khmer rap, Latin grooves, Afro percussion, layered Stax-like horns and more.

Artist sites and sounds:   http://denguefevermusic.com

Buy your tickets now at: http://folkyeah.com/#/denguefelton2016/

Rhythm Future Quartet


Gypsy Jazz on Fire. “These young men are incredible!!! Don't miss them--such dedication and love of music to witness!” - Tommy Emmanuel

Mon, June 13 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent


“Olli Soikkeli is a riveting Finnish guitarist who combines astonishing dexterity and speed with pure soul in a way that places him among the worthiest current day successors to the legacy of the great Django” - The Wall Street Journal

“Jason Anick is easily one of the best jazz violinists of his generation” - Christian Howes

The acoustic jazz ensemble, Rhythm Future Quartet has a straightforward agenda: to keep the spirit of Gypsy jazz alive and expanding in today's musical universe. The virtuosic foursome, named for a Django Reinhardt tune, offers up a newly minted sound, influenced by the classic Hot Club of France, yet wholly contemporary. Led by violinist Jason Anick and guitarist Olli Soikkeli, the quartet performs dynamic and lyrical arrangements of both Gypsy jazz standards and original compositions that draw upon diverse international rhythms and musical idioms. With Max O'Rourke on second guitar and Greg Loughman on bass, Rhythm Future is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of a vital musical genre.

Artist site and sounds:   http://rhythmfuturequartet.com

Bob Malone plus Lipbone Redding


Piano driven rock, blues, and New Orleans R&B meets catchy original songs, brash humor, soulful singing, inventive guitar and exotic vocal sounds

Wed. June 15 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door   seated <21 w/parent


Bob Malone: “Bob Malone doesn't just accompany himself on piano. He supports his singing with pulsating, roaring keyboard work that grabs you and shakes you until you cry for mercy.”?— Keyboard Magazine. Bob has toured the world as a solo artist for two decades and has played keyboards with rock legend John Fogerty since 2011. Classically trained, with a degree in jazz and a lifetime playing rock & roll clubs, theatres, and arenas, Bob's sound is a one-of-a-kind hybrid of rock, blues, and New Orleans R&B, delivered with high-energy piano virtuosity and a voice all his own.

Lipbone Redding has traveled the world with his guitar, nightly sharing music and tales with audiences for the past 15 years.  He weaves funky rhythms, catchy original songs, brash humor, soulful singing, and inventive guitar playing with exotic and percussive vocal sounds such as throat singing, bass and beat-boxing, and his astonishingly realistic lip-tromboning. The result is an experience that is hypnotic, groovy and, for a solo artist without the aid of electronic efx, amazingly complete.

Artist site and sounds: www.bobmalone.com and http://lipbone.com/web2012/index.html

Kevin Welch and Dustin Welch plus JnJ Dynamite


Legendary Texas singer-swonwriter Kevin Welsh's songs have been covered by Linda Ronstadt, Solomon Burke, Jimmy LaFave, The Highwaymen, Waylon Jennings and many more

Thu. June 16 at 7:30pm
$15 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent

Kevin Welch and Dustin Welch : Kevin (father) and Dustin (son) just returned from their annual Australian tour.  You may know Kevin from his participation in the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.  He plays every year with Kane, Welch, Kaplin, a favorite of the late great Warren Hellman. Kevin is a successful singer-songwriter with a list a mile long of artists that have covered his songs from Trisha Yearwood to Solomon Burke, Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy, Jimmy LaFave, Moe Bandy, The Highwaymen, Waylon Jennings and a host of others. His own show lies heavy in the Americana side of the fence, not really country.   Greg Johnson from the famed Blue Door listening room in Oklahoma City says, “No one does a Kevin Welch song better than Kevin himself.” Dustin brings that edge of youth to the duo with his own edgy original songs.  Dustin has two of his own cd's. Welch has spent the better part of the past three years volunteering for the Texas chapter of the Soldier Songs & Voices program, a national organization he helped found that provides free music and songwriting lessons — and even guitars — to Armed Forces veterans

JnJ Dynamite: Lo-fi indie-folk trio. JnJ Dynamite strikes a musical balance by interlacing themes of nature, the ethereal, and life's challenges, amidst an enchanting background – spare and beautiful. A sense of discord is set against sweet lyrics.

Artist site and sounds: www.kevinwelch.com and www.dustinwelch.com and   www.jnjdynamite.com

Zeppelin Live 

Powerhouse Led Zeppelin Concert Experience

Fri. June 17 at 8pm
$17 adv./$20 door Dance – ages 21 +

Zeppelin Live (formerly Heartbreaker) has been dazzling audiences for over a decade by reproducing the sights and sounds of one of the most popular and iconic bands in music history, second only to the Beatles. Performing for fairs, festivals and top casinos, Led Zeppelin Live delivers a show that's fun for all ages, playing all the familiar hits like Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir, Black Dog, Rock n Roll, Heartbreaker and All of My love, just to name a few.

Artist site and sounds: www.zeppelintribute.com

Dirty Cello plus The Nora Cruz Band


From down home blues with a wailing cello to virtuosic stompin' bluegrass to soaring sultry vocals, you will get it all tonight

Sat. June 18 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door  Dance – ages 21 +


Dirty Cello: Cello like you've never heard before. From China to Italy, and all over the U.S., Dirty Cello brings the world a high energy and unique spin on blues and bluegrass. Led by vivacious cross-over cellist, Rebecca Roudman, Dirty Cello is cello like you've never heard before. From down home blues with a wailing cello to virtuosic stompin' bluegrass, Dirty Cello is a band that gets your heart thumping and your toes tapping!"Dirty Cello's music is all over the map: funky, carnival, romantic, sexy, tangled, electric, fiercely rhythmic, and textured, and only occasionally classical." Lou Fancher, Oakland Magazine. Rebecca Roudman's cello and presentation makes for mind blowing entertainment.

Nora Cruz Band: Nora Cruz is a superb and electrifying vocalist. With a commanding stage presence and high-energy show, she's a favorite of Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. Whether soaring or sultry, Nora pours her heart into every song. She can rock the house, or touch your soul – all with a confident, elegant ease. Nora arrived in Santa Cruz in the summer of '85, and by the next year had formed the Nora Cruz Band.

Artist sites and sounds:   www.dirtycello.com and www.noracruz.com

Dayan Kai


Super vocalist and multi-instrumentalist roots music master returns home for a rare headline performance 

Wed. June 22 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent

Keys, Strings, Winds, and Skins--Dayan Kai is a singer/songwriter, arranger and producer with a lifelong commitment to music. Equally versed in Americana, Jazz, World and Rock traditions, Kai's compositions reflect his vast experience in the industry as both a soloist and versatile accompanist. When Dayan comes to town it is a rare treat and you never know what high profile musician is going to join him on stage.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.dayankai.com

Blain-Pongracic Band, Concaves, Shockwaves



Thu. June 23 at 7:30pm
$8 adv./$8 door Dance – ages 21 +

Blain-Pongracic Band: Surf Instrumentals exploding with legendary intensity, power and passion.  John Blair. Ivan Pongracic. Jonpaul Balak. Dane Carter.

Concaves:, The Concaves, a Santa Cruz based Rock Band,Is currently Promoting our recently released new cd, 'Alive From The Red Triangle. The Concaves are Bill Pitts(dogfish) guitars and vocals, JD Anderson guitars and vocals, Karl Hopkins bass and vocals, Scott Prather drums.

Shockwaves:  San Jose surf monsters the Shockwaves, recording "Surfin' Louie" was issued on Rhino's "The Best of Louie Louie Volume 2." The Shockwaves were one of the first Bay Area bands to take on the surf mantle in the eighties.

Artist sites and sounds: www.facebook.com/theblairpongracicband/ and www.reverbnation.com/theconcaves and Shcckwaves   www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzVgo6C1FOE

China Cats


Grateful Dead Tribute

Fri. June 24 at 8:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

China Cats:  This Bay Area tribute band performs the songs of the Grateful Dead with spirited jams that carry their own genuine personality while paying homage to their musical forefathers. The band is comprised of veterans of the Bay Area jam band scene who have studied the Dead's musical nuances in great detail without losing any of their own individuality. Lead guitarist Matt Hartle has worked with Jerry Garcia Band organist Melvin Seals as well as Cast of Clowns, Front Street and Shady Groove. Rhythm guitarist Scott Cooper has worked with members of Galactic, Great American Taxi, David Nelson Band and many others. Bassist Rockin' Roger Sideman also plays with David Gans, Stu Allen and others including bluegrass legend Frank Wakefield. The band is rounded out by veteran keyboardist Steve Sofranko (Shady Groove, Burnt Toast, Workingman's Ed) and drummer Michael Owens (surfer). 

Artist sites and sounds: www.facebook.com/thechinacats

The Beggar Kings


A Rolling Stones Virtual Concert brought to you by the same production team that brought you The White Album Ensemble 

Sat. June 25 at 8pm
$18 adv./$20 door Dance – ages 21 +

The Beggar Kings are brought to you by the same production team that brought you The White Album Ensemble.  The grand tradition continues with their creative exploration of The Rolling Stone's greatest albums. The Beggar Kings features members and former members of The Doobie Brothers, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape, Destroy the Night, White Album Ensemble, Steve Marriott, Le Strange, Tsunami, and many more.  Some of the members are Grammy nominees.  The Beggar Kings are Dale Ockerman, producer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, harp; Tom Ayres and Caleb Larsen, Guitars; David Tucker, Drums'; Endre Tarczy, Bass; Kevin Krilanovich and Omar Spence, Vocals; Daniel Young, and John Hensley, (the Pleasure Point Horns); Vince Sanchez, Percussion and plug-ins; James Hannibal, Sax.

Artist sites and sounds: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beggar-Kings/672508919521606?fref=photo and http://www.thebeggarkings.com

Garcia Van Dylan featuring The Dewey Paul Band


The Songs  of Jerry Garcia, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan

Sun. June 26 at 7pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +


The Dewey Paul Band is a internationally touring Americana group from Colorado. Guitarist and singer-songwriter Dewey Paul Moffitt is an accomplished author and an admired talent in the Rocky Mountain live music scene and has headed up tribute bands to Jerry Garcia, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. So why not put them together in one super fun night of  entertainment and dancing? That was the beginning of Garcia Van Dylan which has won many fans in the Rocky Mountains and now is coming west.   

Artist sites and sounds:   http://deweypaulband.com/

3 Leg Torso plus One Lane Bridge


Wild, daring cartoon music with a cinematic scope --  infused with tango, Eastern European folk, ballistic Balkan, crazy country, world music meets  folk styles from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Spain

Tue. June 28 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent

3 Leg Torso : Wild, daring cartoon music with a cinematic scope combining charming, elegant modern chamber pop music infused with by tango, Eastern European folk, ballistic Balkan, crazy country, world music and more.

''Astonishing musicianship---3 Leg Torso is a unique American treasure.''  Steve Berlin, Los Lobos

"I love 3 Leg Torso, it blows the top off my head!"  Teller, of Penn & Teller

3 Leg Torso makes the greatest music you could ever put in a movie. "Morgan Spurlock, Director, SuperSize Me

One Lane Bridge: The dynamic acoustic trio of guitarist William Coulter, cellist Aria DiSalvio, and fiddler John Weed will mesmerize and delight with their unique, artful arrangements of traditional and contemporary tunes. Fusing folk styles from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Spain with modern influences results in something both ancient and cutting edge -- a rhythmically vibrant, melodically engaging chamber-folk music at home in the concert

Artist sites and sounds: www.3legtorso.com and http://williamcoulterguitar.com/onelanebridge

Helm, Crystal Silmi, Helene & Bellydance International


Bellydance & Live Music Spectacular

Thu. June 30 at 7:30pm
$17 adv./$20 seated <21 w/parent

Helm: Since their beginnings in the early 1990's Helm has been continually expanding their repertoire, from original compositions which have become classics in the world of Tribal Bellydance, to traditional music from throughout the Mediterranean region. During their recent visit with the Tribal Mafia Bellydance in Moscow, Helm performed several Russian Tzigan pieces and is currently working on a new release including these songs. Based in Marin County, Helm has been touring internationally, and in addition to their 8 albums they have provided sound for both film and television productions. With Ling Shien on Arabic woodwinds, accordion and vocals, and with Mark Bell and David 2Hawks Glazier on percussion, Helm brings eclectic textures of the middle east and beyond.

Crystal Silmi is a belly dance and belly dance fusion artist and choreographer from San Francisco, California USA. She has become known for her unique style of hip hop infused movements and has performed for audiences around the world.

Helene is director of Bellydance International and has been teaching, performing and promoting Bellydance for over 25 years. She was recipient of the Gail Rich Award in 2002 for her significant contribution of the arts in Santa Cruz County.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.helmmusic.com and   www.bellydancebasics.com and Bellydance International with Helene

Ribsy's Nickel plus SPUN


Catchy surf/reggae/rock meets rocking reggae, blues, dance & alt-country

Fri. July 1 at 8:30pm
$10 adv./$10 door  Dance – ages 21 +

Ribsy's Nickel : For over 18 years Ribsys Nickel has been playing their catchy surf/reggae/rock music up and down the California coast. Growing up in one of California's premiere surf town's (Santa Cruz) these guys are no strangers to creating music that represents the California lifestyle. Sharing the stage with bands, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Expendables, Fishbone and The Chop Tops. With a hard core local following behind them. A Ribsys Nickel show is one to experience. “There are few bands that are as quintessentially Santa Cruz as Ribsy's Nickel. Melting three of the town's musical passions muscular rock, laid-back reggae and punk this band could serve as a veritable soundtrack to Santa Cruz-- ”- Good Times

SPUN is a Santa Cruz/SF Bay Area band with over 20 years filling dance. Members of SPUN have performed with or opened for: Smashmouth, Third Eye Blind, No Doubt, Train, Jason Bonham, The Beat Farmers, REO Speedwagon, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, The Tokens, & Mother Hips, to name a few.As the name suggests, SPUN spins a mix of cover tunes: rock, reggae, blues, dance, & country. SPUN also has a selection of original material to bring to the table.

Artist sites and sounds:   https://www.facebook.com/Ribsys-Nickel-62219421210/ and   www.spunsantacruz.com

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers ZZ Top Tribute
Liquid Sky 
Jimi Hendrix Tribute
Nott The Hoople 
Mott The Hoople Tribute


Three very different looks at rock and roll royalty all on one stage on one big holiday weekend night

Sat. July 2 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers ZZ Top Tribute: Formed in 2011, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers are the Bay Areas own, Ultimate ZZ Top tribute. Paying homage to Americas best rock n roll band in history, the band dedicated its self to not only playing ZZ Tops music down to every detail, but have the real beards and stage get ups as well! A must see and they will blow your mind! 

Liquid Sky  Jimi Hendrix Tribute: Liquid Sky has been dazzling the Bay area tribute scene with their Jimi Hendrix renditions since 2011. This trio will take you back to the 60's with their costumes, playing all your favorite hits and B-sides. If you are a fan of Cream, Robin Trower, Stevie Ray Vaughan,  Jeff Beck you will love their extended jams. So come and get Experienced.

Nott The Hoople   Mott The Hoople Tribute: A remarkable tribute to the music of Ian Hunter and Mott the Hoople. These sprightly young dudes bring you all the great Mott the Hoople hits.

Artist sites and sounds: http://www.beerdrinkershellraisers.com nd www.facebook.com/liquidskytributeband and www.facebook.com/Nott-The-Hoople-385627068306062/



July 4 Eve Rockout—tomorrow is the holiday but the rock and roll fireworks start tonight 

Sun. July 3 at 7pm
$7 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

UTURN: The rocking rhythms, solid grooves and all out sincere fun are what puts UTURN in the drivers seat when it comes to getting the party started - and keeping it going. They might play songs you know but you haven't heard them like this. The band is built on the hard hitting beats laid down by John Dell'Acqua (JD) on drums, Dan Waller on bass and Tim McNulty on rhythm guitars. Bud Denton and Gary Blackburn hammer out the lead and rhythm guitars. Everyone sings. This lends itself to naturally offering a wide variety of song selection. There is a lot of experience in the collective UTURN but none of that would matter if the rockin' ever stopped. U-TURN intends to never let that happen. 

Artist sites and sounds: www.reverbnation.com/uturn2

Slaid  Cleaves


Slaid spins stories with a novelist's eye and a poet's heart.

Thu. July 7 at 7:30pm
$20 adv./$20 door seated <21 w/parent

Slaid Cleaves spins stories with a novelist's eye and a poet's heart. Twenty years into his career, the celebrated songwriter's Still Fighting the War spotlights an artist in peak form. Cleaves' seamless new collection delivers vivid snapshots as wildly cinematic as they are carefully chiseled. Dress William Faulkner with faded jeans and a worn six-string for a good idea. “Slaid's a craftsman,” says Terri Hendrix, who sings harmony on “Texas Love Song.” “He goes about his songs like a woodworker.” Accordingly, Cleaves' earthy narratives stand oak strong. “Men go off to war for a hundred reasons/But they all come home with the same demons,” he sings on the album's title track. “Some you can keep at bay for a while/Some will pin you to the floor/You've been home for a couple of years now, buddy/But you're still fighting the war.” Few writers frame bruised souls as clearly. Fewer still deliver a punch with such striking immediacy.

Artist sites and sounds:   http://slaidcleaves.com

Hartle-Kaiser-Sunshine: 70’s Clapton Rebooted

Matt Hartle, Henry Kaiser and Sunshine Garcia bring you a unique, big fun take on Eric Clapton in the 70's

Fri. July 8 at 8:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

Probably the last thing anyone around here needs is a faithful Clapton-in-the-1970's tribute band. And this project is anything but that. Eric Clapton's live concerts in the 1970's featured songs like: Badge, Can't Find My Way Home, Cocaine, Further On Up The Road, Have You Ever Loved a Woman, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Let It Rain, Tell The Truth, Layla, etc. Let's take those songs and jams and recast them with new, surprising grooves and approaches. And let's make it fun and danceable, while still allowing for extended guitar extemporizations. What happens if you play I Shot The Sheriff in New Orleans funk style? What happens if you play Lay Down Sally like the Grateful Dead might have? What would it sound like with McLaughlin and Hendrix sitting in with Eric? We will explore these questions and many more. Sunshine Garcia Becker is an American singer who performed backing vocals for the band Furthur. Matt Hartle is the guitarist for the band Shady Groove and The China Cats and the founder of Spirit of '76 Henry Kaiser is an experimental guitarist who has appeared on more than 270 albums. Bret Bailey is the drummer of Shady Groove. Pete Novembre is the bass player for Eliphino.  

Artist site and sounds: http://scottwalkerguitars.com/matt-hartle/   and www.henrykaiserguitar.com

Spirit of '76


Music Of The Late 70's Era Jerry Garcia Band

Sat. July 9 at 8:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

Spirit of '76 returns to Don Quixotes for another psychedelic dance party.  This time Spirit will be recreating music of the late 70's Era of the Jerry Garcia band.  Featuring Matt Hartle, Steven Sofranko, Paul Garcia, Burt Lewis, Amy Gabel, and Sunshine Becker Garcia, this promises to be a night to remember.

Artist sites and sounds: https://www.facebook.com/gratefuldeadspirit76/

Dangermuffin 7pm Concert


From the mountains and beaches of the Carolinas breezy melodies and soul-shaking grooves radiate from this genre-bending roots trio

Sun July 10 at 7pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

Dangermuffin: From the mountains and beaches of the Carolinas breezy melodies and soul-shaking grooves radiate from this genre-bending roots trio. Dangermuffin brings thoughtful tunes that are both heartfelt and truthful. Their haunting harmonies and go-with-the-flow vibe invite listeners to kick back, relax, and be consumed by the ethereal rhythmic backbone and inspiring messages Dangermuffin has to offer. Lyrically, they evoke themes of self-discovery, ancient knowledge, and true awareness, all within a unique and casual approach.Their latest CD “Songs for the Universe” was Recorded at Charleston, S.C.'s Truphonic Studios, the album contains the influence of Appalachia but still maintains the salty vibes of the Carolina coast, perhaps best heard in “Little Douglas,” a lighthearted song about ‘herbal' enlightenment that features Keller Williams on bass and backing vocals.Dangermuffin is: Dan Lotti (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Mike Sivilli (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals),Steven Sandifer (percussion, drums, upright bass, vocals)

Artist sites and sounds: http://dangermuffinmusic.com

Paul McKenna Band  7pm Concert


“The best folk band to have come out of Scotland in the last twenty years” New York Times

Sun. July 17 at 7pm
$15 adv./$17 door seated <21 w/parent

$13 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of $2 rebate

The best band of their generation”  The Living Tradition

“A band with the potential to dominate the Scottish/Irish traditional scene for the next twenty years” Fatea Magazine

With a contemporary approach to songs, although not straying too far from their roots, their arrangements are both fresh and innovative. The exciting sound of The Paul McKenna Band is created through outstanding Vocals, driving Guitar and Bouzouki, intense fiddle playing, a warm pairing of flute and whistles and dynamic bodhrán and percussion.

Combining their love for Folk and Traditional music, as well as original songs and tunes; The Paul McKenna Band from Scotland has been captivating audiences with live performances of their new album, titled ‘Elements', out now on Greentrax Records. Concert highlights over the last few years include performances at Celtic Connections Glasgow, The Cambridge Folk Festival England, Tonder Festival Denmark, Milwaukee Irish Festival USA and Edmonton Folk Festival Canada.

Artist sites and sounds: www.paulmckennaband.com

Phil Marsh  


 Of The Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, Country Joe McDonald Band, and Musical Director of The Pickle Family Circus

Wed. July 20 at 7:30pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent

Phil Marsh has been a fixture in Bay Area music for almost 50 years.  Songwriter, singer, guitarist, kazoo player, and bandleader, he was the original music director of the Pickle Family Circus and Circus Flora of St. Louis,  singer/guitarist in The Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band (Vanguard Records), bandleader and guitar playing singer for Country Joe McDonald, and an organizer and driving force for the notorious Masked Marauders rock super star spoof on Warner Bros. A longtime Berkeley and Santa Cruz resident, Phil is featured on the Folkways collection "Berkeley Farms" (rumors that he is dead are as yet unfounded.) With Phil Greenberg, he was half of the imaginatively named country duo, Phil and Phil in the 60's, and was a charter member of The Honey Baked Hams, legendary Paris street singing group in 1963 and 64.  His tenure with Berkeley's East Bay Sharks rabble rousing street opera group should not go unmentioned.  Phil has lived for 30 years in New York City where he has been singing, writing songs, performing, and providing soundtracks for documentaries.

Artist sites and sounds: www.chickenonaunicycle.com/Cleanliness%20and%20Godliness.htm and https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cleanliness-godliness-skiffle/id331693318

Eva Salina & Peter Stan  


Balkan Dance Tonight —powered by renowned singer and Serbian/Romanian Romani accordionist 

Thu. July 21 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

Eva Salina is a renowned singer, interpreter of traditional and traditionally-based Balkan music. Nurtured through years of mentorship by some of the greatest living Balkan musicians, and recently named a 2015 NYFA Fellow in Folk/Traditional Arts, Eva has devoted her life to the longevity and evolution of East European musical traditions. Eva's rich, supple voice moves effortlessly through the intricate and demanding expression inherent in Romani songs, intertwining vintage pop sounds with her singular interpretations. 

Peter Stan is a Serbian/Romanian Romani accordionist known equally for his playfulness and innovation as he is for his undeniably soulful, intuitive improvisations.  Together, Eva and Peter draw on a strong musical friendship, the diversity of their creative professional experiences, and their shared love of Balkan Romani music, creating a welcoming space where joy and sorrow seamlessly coexist.

Artist sites and sounds: http://evasalina.com

Donna Jean Godchaux w/ Shady Groove



Donna Jean sang with Grateful Dead, Elvis Presley, Percy Sledge, Boz Scaggs and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios


Fri. July 22 at 8:30pm
$20 adv./$24 door Dance – ages 21 +

Donna Jean Godchaux is an American singer, best known for having been a member of the Grateful Dead from 1972 until 1979.   Born in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Donna Jean was a vocalist at both Muscle Shoals Sound Studios and Fame Studios , home of the legendary “Muscle Shoals Sound,” on records like Elvis Presley's “Suspicious Minds,” Percy Sledge's “When a Man Loves a Woman,” and Boz Scagg's eponymous first solo album. She moved to San Francisco, married Keith Godchaux,and spent the 1970s as a vocalist in the Grateful Dead as well as the Jerry Garcia Band .

Shady Groove: Steeped in the musical history of the San Francisco Bay Area, Shady Groove delivers an invigorating dose of funky blues and jazz-infused rock and R&B.  It is good-time dance music that draws from a diversity of American popular genres, and incorporates elements of gospel, reggae and other world music.  Improvisational flights through a wide range of styles provide the inspiration for high-spirited crowds whose kinetic dance floor energy serves as a vibrant counterpart to the musical journey transpiring on stage. They are a powerhouse ensemble when delivering their own material or digging into one of the classic covers they interpret such as works from Ritchie Havens, the Jerry Garcia Band, Jimmy Cliff, and a host of

Motown, blues, and other artists.  Artist sites and sounds: www.shadygroove.net and http://donnajeangodchauxband.info

Hot Club of Baltimore w/Alexis Tantau   plus The Jimmy Grant Ensemble  7pm Concert


An East Coast/
West Coast coming together of premier bands celebrating the music of the great DJANGO REINHARDT 

Sun. July 24 at 7pm
$12 adv./$15 door  seated <21 w/parent

Hot Club of Baltimore is a world-class ensemble specializing in the early Jazz of the 1930's and 40's with particular emphasis on the music and style of French guitarist Django Reinhardt. The band is led by acclaimed guitarist Michael Joseph Harris and features the captivating Alexis Tantau on vocals in both French and English.

The Jimmy Grant Ensemble: The Jimmy Grant Ensemble performs primarily in the style of Django Reinhardt, infusing swing era pieces, original work, and traditional gypsy tunes with the jazz guitar pioneer's crunchy rhythms and hot harmonies. Jimmy Grant was recently a finalist in the John Lennon songwriting competition for his original song “Insomnia,” and also had an interview with Guitar World for his “5 in 5? project, in which he wrote five different songs in five days. His style synthesizes a rich blend of Russian folk, bluegrass, Celtic and classical music while remaining true to Django's innovative guitar technique. The Jimmy Grant Ensemble will bring together two guitars, bass, and violin in an intimate yet energy-charged performance. 

Artists sites and sounds:  www.facebook.com/HotClubBaltimore/ and www.jimmygrant.net

saQi w/ KR3TURE , Stellamara, feral fauna


saQi w/ KR3TURE, Stellamara, feral fauna

Wed. July 27 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

saQi: The Portland-based artist saQi is a classically trained composer, producer and trumpet player. Drawing his name from the Sufi title for a mystic muse, saQi creates eclectic electronica that maintains a balance between organic and synthesized sound. His live sets rock the dance floor while maintaining a grace and musical depth to engage the listener. The music is never limited by genre, tempo or any other stylistic elements. Allegiance to the creative flow and its truest expression thereof is saQi's manifesto.

KR3TURE: (Krikor is "Creature") a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Santa Cruz Cruz, CA creating powerful and emotive music using gritty acoustic and deep electronic ingredients. He will join up with  saQi tonight. 

Stellamara: Internationally acclaimed world music ensemble Stellamara premiers electro-acoustic sets emphasizing their signature passionate rhythms and eastern melodies with dramatic orchestral sections, otherworldly ambience and deep bass grooves. Evolving for over a decade of recording and performing, Stellamara unites world-renowned musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds in a shared devotion for folk and classical music rooted in Near Eastern, Eastern European, Medieval European, Arabic and Persian traditions.

feral fauna: by weaving sultry female vocals with acoustic instrumentation and electronic production, feral fauna create intriguing musical contrasts between acoustic & electronic, organic & digital, feminine & masculine

Artists sites and sounds:  http://saqimusic.com and  https://soundcloud.com/kr3ture and http://stellamara.com and www.facebook.com/feralfauna/

Maxx 12, Hot Stone Stars, Mobland


Powerful, uplifting, motorized, good old hard rock concert 

Fri. July 29 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

Maxx 12: “From the motorized guitar into of the new MAXX12 song "BIG MONEY" to the Queen like choruses of the song E.Z. ACTION, with stellar lead guitar playing accompanied by a huge thundering bass guitar & drum rhythm section This Band Rocks, and Rocks Hard! Loved their fresh new approach to an old style 70's type of 3 piece power trio sound that is quite reminiscent of the famed power trio bands of yesteryear like: Grand Funk Railroad-Cream-Z.Z. Top---“ Steven J Tyler Reverb Nation Crowd Control Review

Hot Stone Star:  The uplifting, hard rocking sound of Santa Cruz based newcomers the HOT STONE STARS delivers the perfect platform for the soulful vocals of the beautiful Star Stern. With a brother and sister bond at it's core, Stony Stern's guitar pyrotechnics erupt against a bright backdrop of detonating rhythms provided by Grammy® leavened bassist Michael Lazarus and the pulsating drums of Holland Barry.

Mobland: Original Hard Rock band based in San Jose, California. Band members are: Vocalist Rayne Johnson, guitarist Alan Kuczer, bassist Bryan Lujan and drummer Bill Mickesh.

Artists sites and sounds: www.reverbnation.com/maxx12  and www.facebook.com/i.love.hotstonestars and www.facebook.com/moblandband

Jerry Garcia Birthday Bluegrass Bash with Dave Holodiloff Bluegrass Band


A broad, danceable selection of songs and hot jams spanning Jerry Garcia's career with "The Grateful Dead", "Old and In The Way", and more

Mon. Aug. 1 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door   Dance – ages 21 +

Dave Holodiloff is bringing the bluegrass band to Don Quixote's for his 7th Annual Jerry Garcia Bluegrass Birthday Bash Tribute Concert. The evening will feature a broad and danceable selection of songs (and acoustic jams) spanning Jerry Garcia's career with "The Grateful Dead", "Old and In The Way", and more. Get ready to ride that train with "Casey Jones" all the way to Bluegrass country! Driven by Dave's high-energy mandolin and accompanied by a smoking hot string band, this annual tradition is sure to delight both "dead-icated" fans of Jerry Garcia and lovers of quality acoustic entertainment. Don't miss this once-a-year magical night of festive celebration and Bluegrass tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time! The band will be rocking the night away with two great sets, so get ready to party.

Dave Holodiloff's "Grateful Dead Bluegrass Tribute" album will be available at the show. The CD features inventive arrangements of classic Grateful Dead favorites like "Friend Of The Devil" and "Scarlet Begonias" interspersed with original improvisations and even an acoustic Old-Timey psychedelic space jam on the more obscure "Mountains of the Moon".

Artist sites and sounds: http://daveholodiloff.com

SonoMusette: The Sound and Spirit of Twentieth Century Paris   7pm Concert

The Music of Edith Piaf , Jacques Brel , and more

Sun. Aug. 14 at 7pm
$15 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent

SonoMusette recaptures the moody, melancholic sound and spirit of mid twentieth-century Paris in the 'bal-musette' tradition.

French chanteuse, musette accordion, gypsy-jazz guitar, upright bass, and drum kit combine to revive the enchanting songs of that era. This music has retained its power to charm and transport listeners, and SonoMusette taps that nostalgia with artistry in both vocals and instrumentation. Inspired by the great performers of that era, such as Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, and Django Reinhardt, along with contemporary artists such as Zaz, the superb vocal and instrumental artistry of the ensemble SonoMusette will charm and transport you to an evening in Paris as they bring bal-musette to the 'moderne' era.

Mimi Pirard • vocalist / Robert Lunceford • accordion /Jason Briggs • guitar and upright bass /Jan Martinelli • upright bass and piano /Richard Andrews • drums.  Artist sites and sounds: http://www.sonomusette.com

and concert:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oxZlOrgyJw

The Authentic ELVIS Experience Starring Jim Anderson & the Rebels


Bringing you Elvis Presley from The Sun Studio years of the 1950's to the Vegas Spectaculars – the whole ELVIS live music experience but without the jumpsuits.

Sat. Aug. 20 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door  Dance – ages 21 +

Bringing you Elvis Presley from The Sun Studio years of the 1950's to the Vegas Spectaculars – the whole ELVIS experience. Jim Anderson & the Rebels have been performing in Washington, Nevada, all over California to SOLD OUT Venues.  They have been touted by Lifelong Elvis Fans as, "The Most Authentic Tribute to Elvis Presley and His Music to Date!"  They perform at Festivals, Fairs, Concert Halls, Theaters, Private Events, Opera Houses, Concert Series and more. 

Artist sites and sounds: www.jimandersonandtherebels.com

Concert Programmer and Booking Contact:
Tom Miller: tmm@cruzio.com
Concert Booking only

Bar and Restaurant 831-335-2800

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