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John Cruz


John Cruz has distinguished himself as one of the most talented artists that has ever come from Hawaii

Wed. April 26 at 7:30pm
$20 adv./$20 door seated <21 w/parent

From the time he was a young boy growing up in Palolo Valley on Oahu, John Cruz knew he was destined to play music.  Whether inside or outside the home, his earliest memories were filled with song.  His Hawaiian grandmother had a beautiful voice and sang in church.  His mom loved the Motown sound and had an extensive record collection.  His dad played country music and taught John to perform live shows at a very young age. 

His brothers and sisters were all musically inclined and, along with numerous aunties, uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends, they have surrounded John with the gift of music for his entire life.  John performed at President Barack Obama's historic inauguration in Washington DC in 2009

Artist sites and sounds:   www.johncruz.com

August Sun plus Money For Helicopters


Celebrating a true love of pure rock and roll and funk rock energy

Thu. April 27 at 7:30pm
August Sun plus Money For Helicopters
$10 adv. /$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

August Sun is a Santa Cruz / San Lorenzo Valley progressive hard rock band that sticks to true classic rock roots with their own modern original punk flavor. They were founded by three long-time friends: frontman-guitarist Christian Walsh, bassist Aidan Robinson, and drummer Jonny Hampton.  The trio now features Tony Whittakar on keys and Alexandra Thyberg on vocals. With loads of originals and covers and an album in the works, August Sun brings a high-energy night of pure rock.

Money For Helicopters: Imagine if the Chili Peppers and Hendrix had a baby that Otis Redding baptized. They are a 5 piece Funk Rock band that formed in Santa Cruz in 2015 and have been taking the Bay Area by storm ever since.  The band consists of Jason Gray (vocals), Nick Antonino (lead guitar), Miles Johnson (rhythm guitar), Stefan Antonino (bass), and Ian Balbas (drums).  Playing their unique brand of original Funk/Rock/Soul music, they put on a high-energy show that keeps audiences dancing and entertained.

Artist sites and sounds:  https://augustsuntheband.bandcamp.com/releases and www.facebook.com/moneyforhelicopters

Fleetwood Mask - the Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac


Fri. April 28 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

Fleetwood Mask is a Fleetwood Mac tribute band from the San Francisco Bay Area.  The band formed out of a mutual love and respect for Fleetwood Mac's music and story.  Replicating one of rock's most successful bands is a passion for Fleetwood Mask and each band member is committed to performing the music of Fleetwood Mac with authenticity and style. With over 25 years of professional music and theatrical experience combined, Fleetwood Mask is dedicated to providing audiences from festivals, wineries and clubs a fun and exciting Fleetwood Mac musical experience!   Don't just take our word for it, click on the promotional video link to hear from the founder of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood.

 Artist sites and sounds: http://fleetwoodmask.com

Slingshot on Mars

Psychedelic Grateful Dead dance party jams by Matt Hartle, Henry Kaiser, Bob Bralove, Ezra Lipp, and Roger Sideman

Sat. April 29 at 8:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

The Grateful Dead in their first decade, first and foremost a a dance band. One of their solutions to filling up the time in 2 to 4 hour-long shows in those early days was to open songs up and go to new places with exploratory improvisations. In these early years the jamming always supported dancing.  Songs like: Dark Star, The Other One, Playin' in the Band, Midnight Hour, and Good Lovin' were the typical launching pads for long jams. Slingshot on Mars will revisit those and other earlier tunes and open the open up with telepathic group improvisations, while staying in danceable grooves. A one-time only creative event that will be ultra-fun for all.  This show also celebrates the release of Bralove & Kaiser's new 2-CD set: POSITIVELY SPACE MUSIC.  

Artist sites and sounds: www.henrykaiserguitar.com and   www.matthartlemusic.com

Dan Frechette and the Eclectics 7pm Concert


Celebrated Canadian Songwriter/Entertainer releases first solo album in California

Sun. April 30 at 7pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent

Dan Frechette and the Eclectics: Canadian Singer/Songwriter Dan Frechette has been living it up in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the past few years, and touring 150 concerts across North America annually with violinist/vocalist Laurel Thomsen.   Known in Canada for his ebullient stage persona and his exceptional songwriting skills, Dan has amassed an enormous collection of releases (all available on Bandcamp).  His most recent release, Jasmine Dreams, is named after his 12 string Jasmine guitar, with it's resonant beautiful sound, inspired about 400 of Dan's earliest songs as a teenager.  On the album, Dan recorded 13 of his best "Jasmine" inspired songs and overdubbed a number of instruments, including dobro, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, electric guitar and bass, percussion, and of course his beloved 12 string.  He is dedicating this CD to his beloved mother, who sentimentally recalls a teenage Dan playing these songs everyday around the house.  In this CD release concert we will be treated to Dan Frechette with his 12 string and harmonica joined Laurel Thomsen on violin/vocals, with local stalwarts Jerry Whitney on bass, Billy Rogers on drums, and fellow Winnipeg (but now local) guitar genius Alan Nagelberg. 

Artist sites and sounds: www.danfrechette.com



Melding the sweet, lilting, pedal steel and harmonies of the Stray Gators with the raucous, buzzing, distortion of Crazy Horse

Wed. May 3 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

 (((folkYEAH!))) Presents

Futurebirds: Covered in kudzu and swathed in a blanket of humidity, Spanish moss, feedback and reverb exists Futurebirds. Here, at this intersection, we find a synthesis of the two extremes of Neil Young's yin and yang. It's at this crossroads, on this plane that Futurebirds meld the sweet, lilting, pedal steel and harmonies of the Stray Gators with the raucous, buzzing, distortion of Crazy Horse.
Artist sites and sounds:   www.futurebirdsmusic.com/#portico1

Locomotive Breath plus Tsumami Band



The Wave before the train—ride the rock and roll on Cinco de Mayo

The songs of Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, The Who, Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Doors

Fri. May 5 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door    Dance – ages 21 +

Locomotive Breath is a classic rock cover band: a tribute to an era 1967-1976 focusing on 7 Iconic bands of that period; Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, The Who, Cream, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors. Locomotive Breath is led by local bassist Daniel Vee Lewis and joined by lead vocalist Ryder Webb, guitarist Del Smith Penny, guitarist Ted Welty, drummer Rob Ouse, and saxophonist / Flutist, Terrel Eaton

Tsunami Band is an “out-the-gate, on-your-feet”, rock-n-roll dance band! Comprised of 5 eclectic veteran musicians, they play high energy music with roots in the 60's and 70's and 80's Classic Rock

Artist sites and sounds: http://locomotivebreath.us  and www.tsunami-rocks.com

Crooked Branches plus Flypaper Blues


CD Release Dance Party:  An Evening of Americana, Bluegrass, Newgrass, Folkgrass, Countrygrass and big fun

Sat. May 6 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

Crooked Branches:  CD Release.  Based out of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Crooked Branches create acoustic music from the soul.  Through their lyrical storytelling and infectious grooves, they produce a sound that is refreshingly different yet satisfyingly familiar.  Their self-titled, full length album will be released this spring.  Recorded at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz with producer Andy Zenczak, the album features "mostly" true stories of family, friends and good old fashion self-loathing.   Contributions on the album include Zenczak on multiple instruments and Don Mackessy (The Naked Bootleggers) on banjo.  Their first full length album featuring "mostly" true stories of home, family and good old fashion self-loathing 

Flypaper Blues:   Out of the Bluetail Flies comes Flypaper Blues, an Americana band featuring two part female harmonies, driving upright bass rhythms, flanked by a smokin' fiddle, mandolin and acoustic guitars. This 100% homegrown, local band brings influences from traditional bluegrass, singer songwriter, to alt-county genres.  Songwriting is personal, comedic, and inspired by the existential need to transcend the hazards and pitfalls of modern life with soul nourishing music.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.crookedbranchesband.com and and  www.facebook.com/Flypaper-Blues-203648733343499/

Maria Muldaur's “ Jazzabelle ”


An intimate evening of Naughty Bawdy Blues & Vintage Classic Jazz  w/special guest, pianist extraordinaire,  John R. Burr

Sun. May 7 at 7pm
$20 adv./$20 door   seated <21 w/parent

Maria Muldaur is best known world-wide for her 1974 mega-hit “Midnight at the Oasis,” which received several Grammy nominations, and enshrined her forever in the hearts of Baby Boomers everywhere; but despite her considerable pop music success, her 52-year career could best be described a long and adventurous odyssey through the various forms of American Roots Music. During the folk revival of the early '60s, she began exploring and singing early Blues, Bluegrass and Appalachian “Old Timey” Music, beginning her recording career in 1963 with the Even Dozen Jug Band and shortly thereafter, joining the very popular Jim Kweskin Jug Band, touring and recording with them throughout the '60s. In the 42 years since “Midnight at the Oasis,” Maria has toured extensively worldwide and has recorded 40 solo albums covering all kinds of American Roots Music, including Jazz and Big Band, Blues, Gospel, R&B, (not to mention several award-winning children's albums). Often joining forces with some of the top names in the business, Maria has recorded and produced on-average an album per year, several of which have been nominated for Grammy and other awards.

Artist sites and sounds:    www.mariamuldaur.com

Molly Tuttle


Molly brings her super pickers back for more bluegrass and multi-genre explorations

Wed. May 10 at 7:30pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent

Molly Tuttle Rises Up With New Solo EP: “Rise”

Award-winning songwriter and virtuoso instrumentalist Molly Tuttle turns a new corner with  Rise , her debut as a solo artist. Produced by Kai Welch, the seven-song EP will be independently released on June 2nd. Already a familiar face in bluegrass circles and folk festivals, where she's been performing since the age of eleven, Tuttle widens her reach with Rise. "I wanted to push outside the box," she says of the EP, whose songs mix the fiery fretwork of her acoustic guitar with banjo, fiddle, drums, pump organ, electric guitar, and other flourishes. "It was a good step to finding my own sound, and not staying tied to the traditional bluegrass sound. I grew up playing bluegrass and I still love it, but I'm influenced by other styles of music, too. I really wanted to create something original." Written during a period of intense change that found Tuttle moving from California to Boston to Nashville, Rise covers a wide swath of ground, showing the full range of its maker's abilities. She writes every song here, singing them in a voice that's both pure and pointed. On an album that also features appearances by several all-stars of the roots music world - including Darrell Scott, The Milk Carton Kids, and Sarah Jarosz's longtime cellist, Nathaniel Smith - it's the 24 year-old Tuttle who shines the brightest.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.mollytuttlemusic.com

Sol Nova   7:30pm Concert


Funky Rockin' Reggae Soul Dance Party

Thu. May 11 at 7:30pm
$7 adv./$7 door Dance – ages 21 +

Sol Nova : Chances are you've seen these players in Santa Cruz bands past and present. The sound of the band reflects all of our Santa Cruz roots. Through family friendship we discovered the fabulous young voice of the very talented Mariah Martel. Sol Nova celebrates the tribal vibe and the love of dance. Mariah Martel, Steve Belick, Aaron Webb, Goyo, Jake McCuen, Genghis, Finn Kennedy 


Artist sites and sounds:  www.facebook.com/SolNovaBand/

The Lonely Heartstring Band 7:30pm Concert


Soaring bluegrass. “ They made my hair stand on end." ~Darol Anger

Mon. May 15 at 7:30pm
$10 adv./$10 door    seated <21 w/parent

The Lonely Heartstring Band: This multi-talented group of musicians is a Bluegrass quintet insofar as they're far greater than the sum of its parts, but unlike a traditional Bluegrass band, their music stretches far beyond any genre-specific title. Combining soulful instrumental virtuosity with soaring three-part harmonies, their growing repertoire of original songs and compositions showcases not only their considerable talents, but a dedication to meaningful roots-conscious music. Nourished by deep roots in the expansive canon of traditional American music, The Lonely Heartstring Band embodies the modern American condition—an understanding and reverence for the past that informs a push into the future.  

"These guys are as close to the Real Deal as it is possible to get. They made my hair stand on end." ~Darol Anger

Artist sites and sounds:  www.lonelyheartstringband.com

Hanneke Cassel


Scottish and Cape Breton traditions. “--captivating melodic clarity and an irresistible playfulness," Boston Globe

Tue. May 16 at 7:30pm
$17 adv./$20 door seated <21 w/parent

$15 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of $2 rebate


Hanneke Cassel: "---her musical ideas are savvy and sophisticated, but her throaty, gusting style is deeply banked in the Scottish and Cape Breton traditions." -- Boston Globe

"Exuberant and rhythmic, somehow both wild and innocent, delivered with captivating melodic clarity and an irresistible playfulness," says the Boston Globe about Hanneke Cassel's playing. Such charismatic fiddling has brought Hanneke many honors and awards. She is the 1997 U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion, she holds a Bachelors of Music in Violin and she has performed across North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and China. Hanneke's style fuses influences from the Isle of Skye and Cape Breton Island with grooves and musical innovations from the American contemporary Scottish fiddle scene. Hanneke will be joined by cellist Mike Block ( of Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble) and guitarist Christopher Lewis. HAILED BY YO-YO MA as the "ideal musician of the 21st Century", Mike Block is a pioneering multi-style cellist, composer, and a graduate of the Juilliard School. 

Artist sites and sounds:    www.hannekecassel.com

King Tuff plus Ruth Garbus & Chris Weisman



“The mischievous gnome child of rock & roll”

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

Wed. May 17 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door Dance– ages 21 + 

King Tuff is a recording artist from Brattleboro, Vermont. His first album, Was Dead, was released in 2008. His eponymous album was released on 29th May 2012, charting at twenty-one on Billboard's Heatseeker Albums chart. The album also entered the CMJ charts at fourteen, eventually climbing to number two. When Rolling Stone premiered a track off King Tuff's latest LP, Black Moon Spell, last fall, the band's mastermind Kyle Thomas sent over a suggested blurb. Calling his track "another instant classic," he described himself as "the mischievous gnome child of rock & roll." 

Ruth Garbus & Chris Weisman:  “Chris Weisman is a prolific recording artist. Though he's perhaps best known for his time with the Brattleboro garage-pop band Happy Birthday, he has at least 14 solo albums to his credit since 2009 — including the 88-song opus Maya Properties. “ Dan Bolles, Seven Days Ruth Garbus is a singer and drummer. She also makes her own music and art.  Artist sites and sounds:   www.facebook.com/kingtuffy/

Rolling Stone article at  www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/becoming-king-tuff-see-kyle-thomas-trace-his-path-to-indie-rock-glory-20150123

Amy LaVere & Will Sexton  plus Gary Blackburn



Amy and Will are two remarkable talents that come together in an Americana, Trad-Country, Gypsy Jazz, Roots Explosion

Thu. May. 18 at 7:30pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent

Amy LaVere is a Memphis Tennessee singer song writer and on-fire performer playing songwriter who blends Americana, classic traditional country, gypsy jazz and southern soul.     Add to this a hit movie acting career that began with her cameo as Rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson in WALK THE LINE and now includes a featured role in fan and fellow Memphian Craig Brewer's BLACK SNAKE MOAN, and you find a woman who refutes any attempt at demure restraint. “I've always really tried,” Amy says with wry understatement, “to live life largely.” Her new CD, is Runaway's Diary

Will Sexton , whose writing credits range from work with Waylon Jennings and Stephen Stills to Joe Ely and Bill Carter, is shaped by the unique diversity of the Austin music scene. Fate and his own sheer talent placed him on stage with local legends before he'd lived out his first decade. Will and his big brother, Charlie, started playing together at the Continental Club when Will was 9 and Charlie was 11. Will's credits as producer and songwriter range from collaborations with Waylon Jennings to psychedelic pioneer Roky Erikson to Steve Earle and punk legend Johnny Thunders.

Gary Blackburn :   As a Singer/Songwriter, Gary brings together his smooth vocals and stylized guitar picking to form his own unique sound in the Country, Blues, Rock genre. With such influences from James Taylor to Todd Rundgren, Hank Williams Sr. to Dwight Yoakam. Developing his own personal style to his originals, blending old school with contemporary, along with an intimate and emotional stage presence

Artist sites and sounds: http://amylavere.com and www.willsexton.com and Gary www.reverbnation.com/rpk/bio/4279779

Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra


Irresistible blues music, harkening back to John Lee Hooker and Howlin' Wolf, with a drunken minor swing

Fri. May 19 at 8:30pm
$15 adv./$15 door Dance– ages 21 + 

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

This four-man orchestra seamlessly weaves trance based blues music, harkening back to John Lee Hooker and Howlin' Wolf, with a drunken minor swing comparable to some of Tom Waits' darker works. Marty O'Reilly hail from Santa Cruz, California. In addition to O'Reilly on the electrified Resonator guitar and vocals, the band features Chris Lynch on the Fiddle, Ben Berry on upright bass, and Matt Goff joining in on the drums. Within the three years since this project started, the band is already touring nationally, internationally, and selling out venues along the West Coast and throughout the United Kingdom. 

Artist sites and sounds:   www.martyoreilly.com

SPUN plus The Spazztics


SPUN classic rock, reggae & more with a special reunion of Santa Cruz icons The Spazztics

Sat. May 20 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance– ages 21 + 

SPUN is a Santa Cruz/SF Bay Area band with over 20 years of professional performance experience. Members of SPUN have performed with or opened for: Smashmouth, Third Eye Blind, No Doubt, Train, Jason Bonham, The Beat Farmers, REO Speedwagon, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, The Tokens, & Mother Hips, to name a few. As the name suggests, SPUN spins a mix of cover and original tunes: rock, reggae, blues, dance, & country. 

The Spazztics: From Reagan to Trump the responsibility of rocking the United States once again falls on the shoulders of the Spazztics, featuring original lead singer, Tony van Gold. Surf music and early punk rock collide in their raucous take on these genres, made all the more compelling by their rare public performances. One of Santa Cruz's favorite bands of the eighties reunite to celebrate a 37 year retrospect of original music. The Spazztics play from 8pm to 9:30pm, so come early.

Artist sites and sounds:    www.spunsantacruz.com

Dangermuffin  7pm Concert


From the mountains and beaches of the Carolinas easy, breezy melodies and soul-shaking grooves radiate

Sun. May 21 at 7pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

Dangermuffin: From the mountains and beaches of the Carolinas easy, breezy melodies and soul-shaking grooves radiate from this genre-bending roots trio. Dangermuffin brings thoughtful tunes that are both heartfelt and truthful. Their haunting harmonies and go-with-the-flow vibe invite listeners to kick back, relax, and be consumed by the ethereal rhythmic backbone and inspiring messages Dangermuffin has to offer. Lyrically, they evoke themes of self-discovery, ancient knowledge, and true awareness, all within a unique and casual approach. Their latest CD “Songs for the Universe” was Recorded at Charleston, S.C.'s Truphonic Studios, the album contains the influence of Appalachia but still maintains the salty vibes of the Carolina coast, perhaps best heard in “Little Douglas,” a lighthearted song about ‘herbal' enlightenment that features Keller Williams on bass and backing vocals.Dangermuffin is:Dan Lotti (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Mike Sivilli (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals),Steven Sandifer (percussion, drums, upright bass, vocals)

Artist sites and sounds: http://dangermuffinmusic.com

James Lee Stanley Birthday Bash


“---great songs, great guitar playing, great voice and a gifted comedian as well. You are in for a very entertaining evening.” Village Voice

Mon. May 22 at 7:30pm
$12 adv./$15 door seated <21 w/parent

James Lee Stanley : “So where have they been hiding James Lee Stanley? We could say that James Lee Stanley is probably the last great undiscovered singer-songwriter in America. But true as that may be let's say something else, let's say that a diamond has been smuggled into the wasteland---and here is where the wasteland ends” – Tom Robbins, Author of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues . “It is simple, really. With James Lee you get great songs, great guitar playing, great voice and a gifted comedian as well. You are in for a very entertaining evening.” Village Voice.   James' pedigree includes 5 years on StarTrek Deep Space Nine as the singing Klingon amongst other roles, scoring the Emmy Award Winning Prime time CBS TV Cathy Specials; 3 years as Steven Wright's opening act; tours with Bonnie Raitt, the Dixie Dregs, Robin Trower and Robin Williams, the composer of the hits Coming Out of Hiding, I Don't Want To Talk About It and Plenty of Reason, 26 solo CD's and duet CD's with Peter Tork, Michael Smith, Cliff Eberhardt and John Batdorf

Artist sites and sounds: https://jamesleestanley.com

Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers


Phoebe, of the Belleville Outfit, celebrates a new CD of Americana, with flavors of Texas Swing and Exotic Indian Rhythms

Thu. May 25 at 7:30pm
$15 adv./ $15 door seated <21 w/parent


An accomplished Americana instrumentalist with foundations in jazz and swing music, Phoebe makes an impressive creative leap with this record. It's the culmination of a five-year journey that has taken her from her Austin roots through Music Row, Brooklyn, and even to India to study with seventh-generation master violinist Kala Ramnath.  Along the way, Phoebe found her voice and delivered her most inspired set of songs to date — the soundtrack to her self-discovery. Shanti's Shadow marks an arrival for Phoebe Hunt, whose artistic and personal journey has deep storylines. These masterfully crafted songs are brought to life by the musicians Phoebe has gathered – each a virtuoso in their own right. Phoebe is skilled at taking seemingly disparate elements and pulling them together into a dazzling kaleidoscope of lush, coherent sound and rhythm patterns. The result is music that swells, crashes and breathes organically under Phoebe's soulful, plaintive voice. Sounds of Americana and Texas Tinged Swing are woven with exotic rhythmic concepts culled from Phoebe's time in India.

Artist sites and sounds: www.phoebehuntmusic.com/the-gatherers

Santa Cruz's Dead

Paying homage to the Grateful Dead's historic acoustic/electric shows of the 1980's

Fri. May 26 at 8:30pm
$15 adv./$15 door dance- ages 21+

Santa Cruz's Dead featuring Matt Hartle, Jerry Brown, Arindam Krishna das, Roger Sideman and Mark Corsolini, will be paying homage to the Grateful Dead's historic acoustic/electric shows of the 1980's at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and the Warfield in San Francisco. The band will perform one long acoustic set, followed by one long electric set. 

Artists sites and sounds: http://matthartlemusic.com/spirit-of-76

McCoy Tyler plus Scary Little Friends

McCoy's CD Release Concert-- McCoy's set will be accompanied by Santa Cruz's best band of 2017 The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men

Sat. May 27 at 8pm
$8 adv./$10 door dance- ages 21+

McCoy Tyler is a songwriter and guitarist whose musical backstory is one of unbridled change and expansion. Having performed in styles ranging from power metal (no joke...) to bluegrass, his skills as a lyricist and instrumentalist are reflective of an early immersion into music and live performance and a constant curiosity and willingness to learn. Having had little formal training, his stylings as a guitarist are entirely his own and while songwriting is his core focus, he maintains that his guitar playing is the driving force behind what he creates. Hailing from the coast of Northern California and rooted deep in the customs of American music, McCoy Tyler is simply one of the most intriguing songwriters in the bay area and beyond. This will be a special evening celebrating the release of a new record. McCoy's set will be accompanied by Santa Cruz's best band of 2017 The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men

Scary Little Friends : Scary Little Friends is the rock brainchild trio of Chris Jones (vox, guitar), Charlie Knote (drums) and Jon Payne (bass). Three years of performing around the Bay Area has refined their blend of lilting power vocals, surfs-up guitar, and classic rock rhythms to create the new “San Francisco Sound”. The bread and butter of this band will always be great songwriting delivered with honest, unapologetic pop sensibilities that is both disarming and refreshing. Equally at home in the rock/jam/dance/pop worlds, SLF has garnered attention for being able to transcend genres. Think Neil Young, the Cars, and Jeff Buckley all in one: A little bit of swagger from the 70's, some sway of the 80's and lots of sweat off the 90's.

Artists sites and sounds: www.mccoytylermusic.com and   http://scarylittlefriends.com

The Golden RAGE
of Television featuring Pat McCormack


7pm Showtime—Holiday Weekend

A stunning guitar rock and visual tribute to classic television themes from the 1950's and 60's

Sun. May 28 at 7pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent +

The Golden RAGE of Television featuring Pat McCormack: is a guitar rock tribute to classic television themes from the 1950's and 60's. The performance renders an expressive artistic interpretation of these wonderful beloved themes as created and masterfully produced by Santa Cruz rock guitarist Pat McCormack. McCormack blends the classic TV themes with his own original style to create an entirely fresh new take on this legendary genre of American culture. The Golden RAGE of Television honors the golden age of TV in a fresh, innovative and visually exciting performance. The sonic extravaganza is accompanied by a totally remarkable and entertaining multi-screen video presentation.  

Artist sites and sounds:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCg7T_CvvKmuABKYuRQb7kYw

The Messiahs plus Tsunami Band


The Messiahs' Bob O'Neil and Ken Craft of SNAIL meet a rock and roll Tsunami

Fri. June 2 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance – ages 21 +

The Messiahs came into being when Bob O¹Neill and Ken Kraft recruited renowned drummer Jimmy Norris and bassist/vocalist extraordinaire, Craig Owens, to revive the great rockin¹ tradition of Santa Cruz¹s famed and fabled hard rock band, SNAIL. The result is a blend of the old, the new and the unexpected. Fasten your seatbelts, you¹re in for a wild ride.

Tsunami Band  is an “out-the-gate, on-your-feet”, rock-n-roll dance band! Comprised of 5 eclectic veteran musicians, they play high energy music with roots in the 60's and 70's and 80's Classic Rock

Artist sites and sounds: www.tsunami-rocks.com

Joyride Cars Tribute plus Heartless Heart Tribute

Sat. June 3 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door  Dance – ages 21 +

Joy Ride:  Joyride was assembled originally to pay special tribute to the greatest pop/new wave band of the 70's and 80's--"The Cars".  And, after rediscovering how cool and infectious all those other pop and power pop bands of that era were, the band decided to expand their repertoire. So now, the Joyride audiences can expect, and enjoy a complete ass kickin' night of music from the Cars and more. 

Heartless is made up of six talented and versatile northern California musicians who have joined forces to create the ultimate Heart tribute performance: Linda Boudreau on lead vocals and percussion; Gail Eaton on electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and vocals; Jim Coyne on electric and acoustic guitar; Dan Morais on bass and vocals; Brett Minkin on keyboards and vocals; and Tymber Cavasian on drums and vocals. Heartless is true to the spirit of Heart, and they will take you on an amazing musical journey from the 1970's to today!

Artist sites and sounds: www.joyrideband.net and http://heartlesstributeband.com

Almost Cut My Hair 
Tribute to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Fri. June 9 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door  seated <21 w/parent

The Almost Cut My Hair Tour returns to Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Felton to dazzle the audience with a tribute to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Led by Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame recipient Gary Burr, Almost Cut My Hair provides a spot-on rendition of CSN&Y tunes with amazing musicianship and vocal harmonies. Gary Burr, is currently on tour with his OTHER band The Blue Sky Riders, with Kenny Loggins, and Georgia Middleman. Almost Cut My Hair also features some great local favorites, such as, Scott Owens on guitar and vocals, his brother Craig Owens on bass and vocals, and Dean Newbury on percussion and vocals. Dean is also the executive producer of the show. Rounding out the band will be Michael Capella on pedal steel and vocals, Gary Henry on drums and vocals, Mark Mirando on keyboards and vocals, Joe Sita on guitar and vocals. 

Artist site and sounds: www.garyburr.com

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash plus Carolyn Sills Combo


The "pure Americana heart and soul" of Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash meet the fresh twang of Carolyn Sill Combo

Sat. June 10 at 8pm
$10 adv./$10 door Dance– ages 21 + 

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash: Described by Rolling Stone as "pure Americana heart and soul", The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash are the voice and vision of songwriter Mark Stuart. Since forming the band in 1995, he's performed with most every major artist in the Country and Americana music community. Stuart was personally given permission to use the band's name by Johnny Cash himself. He was also honored by the Man in Black with an invitation to record songs at Cash's own home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Two other iconic music legends, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, were also early believers who were instrumental in helping Stuart get his start.

Carolyn Sills Combo: A roots music group with a vintage sound older than its years, The Carolyn Sills Combo is breathing fresh life and heartfelt twang into the timeless sounds of post-war American music.  Fans of classic country, blues and western swing from the 40s/50s are falling in love with the band's original songs, written and produced by Sills and her longtime guitarist and husband, Gerard Egan. 

Artist sites and sounds:   www.bsojc.com and www.reverbnation.com/bastardsonsofjohnnycash

Jerry Miller Band


Jerry Miller was lead guitarist for the legendary rock band Moby Grape

Sat. June 17 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door Dance – ages 21 +

Jerry Miller was lead guitarist for the legendary rock band Moby Grape which was recently featured prominently in the 40th Anniversary Edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Eric Clapton called him the best guitar player in the world when he came to America in the 60's. Jerry was included in Rolling Stone Magazine's The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.  The Moby Grape hit Hey Grandma co-written by Jerry appears in the Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn movie “The Interpreter” 

Artist sites and sounds: https://myspace.com/mobygrapesjerrymiller

The Medflys


Mixing sunny pop, upbeat ska and crunchy New Wave rock with quirky and over-the-top theatrics

Fri. June 23 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door  Dance – ages 21 +

Mixing sunny pop, upbeat ska and crunchy New Wave rock with quirky and over-the-top theatrics, the five-piece band The Medflys hit it big in the 1980s with regional FM-radio hits such the teen-angst rebellion of “Belfast”, the upbeat dance groove of  “Compulsive,” the California love-in vibes of “State of Mine” and the clever, spaghetti western-inspired, “Don't Mess With The Mayor,” a tribute Clint Eastwood's 1986 mayoral campaign in Carmel. Throughout the '80's, The Medflys had multiple opening slots with high-profile artists such as Joan Jett, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oingo Boingo, Huey Lewis & the News, Violent Femmes, Night Ranger, Greg Kihn and Toto. The band has recently embarked on a successful reunion tour, playing venues in Monterey, Santa Cruz, Felton, Salinas, Sand City and San Juan Capistrano.

Artist sites and sounds: http://medflys.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=the%20medflys%202016



David Fricke's Picks, Rolling Stone on NRBQ's High Noon: “exactly like a night on the town with the 'Q: great songs, hot chops and hair-trigger wit, fired at will."

Sat.  July 1 at 8pm
$25 adv./$25 door Dance – ages 21 +

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

NRBQ : “Their songs hold chromatic twists and wry wordplay, packed into smiley three-minute bundles. ‘High Noon' combines a best-of with many rarities, suiting a band that's both crafty and casual.” – The New York Times. NRBQ An endlessly creative band on a 50-year high that continually amazes and delights its listeners. There aren't many bands that have lasted for 50 years, and the list of those still at the top of their creative game is even smaller.  High Noon: A 50-Year Retrospective offers fascinating look at one of the best. Street date for the set for High Noon was November 11, 2016. Over the past half century, NRBQ has proven to be a group of peerless and unique musicians, songwriters and performers, continuing to prove it with each new album and live performance. High Noon contains 106 songs and offers a new and fascinating look at a great band, with each disc a unique listening adventure unto itself. The set provides a unique perspective for devoted fans as well a for adventurous newcomers who might only know of NRBQ through other artists' versions of originals like “Me and the Boys,” “Ridin' in My Car” and “Christmas Wish” or from hearing their music on TV shows such as The Simpsons, Weeds or Wilfred. “---NRBQ is rooted in a 1950s of rockabilly, blues, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Thelonious Monk and Sun Ra, along with a 1960s of early Beatles and Beach Boys---“  New York Times

Artist sites and sounds:   www.nrbq.com

The Sun Kings 



Fri. July 7 at 8pm
$20 adv./$22 door Dance – ages 21 +

Audiences and critics alike absolutely love The Sun Kings' energy and spot on recreation of The Beatles' music. The Sun Kings are considered one of the premier Beatles tribute acts in the country. Packing theatres and selling out shows along the West Coast and beyond, The Sun Kings continue to amaze their fans and win over skeptics, with their uncanny channeling and respect for the music they perform. With a repertoire of over 150 songs The Sun Kings shine in concert with arrangements and vocal harmonies delivered with the authenticity and vitality that recall the earliest Beatles performances.  The Sun Kings are not a traditional Beatles tribute band. Every member of the band is a veteran musician who loves recreating The Beatles' music exactly as we all remember it. Their performance of is unique among the many theatrical tributes that exist today, foregoing the costumes and caricature but delivering the most energetic, note for note instrumental and vocal performances of The Beatles music you will ever hear. Experience The Sun Kings in concert and you will hear the concert The Beatles never gave! “The Sun Kings are the best Beatles band I've ever heard, and that includes the original Beatlemania cast, circa 1977.” -Scott Lettieri, KGO Radio San Francisco “The only band that could come that close to doing Beatles music would be The Beatles!” -Richard Freedman -Vacaville Media News

 Artist sites and sounds:    www.thesunkings.com/The_Sun_Kings/index.html.html

Claudia Villela Quintet: A Tribute to Elis Regina


Claudia Villela from Rio de Janeiro pays a Tribute to Elis Regina, plus her own astonishing compositions

Mon. July 17 at 7:30pm
$20 adv./$25 door seated <21 w/parent

Brazilian Born Singer, Composer and Pianist Claudia Villela from Rio de Janeiro pays a Tribute to Elis Regina, flavored with her own remarkable original compositions.  The last time Claudia played the tribute to Elias Regina in Santa Cruz it sold out four days in advance. Get your tickets or make your reservations now.  

Claudia Villela's voice gets all the attention, and it's easy to understand why. Her glorious five-octave instrument is one of the wonders of jazz, lithe and startlingly beautiful in every register. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she sings mostly in Portuguese, interpreting lyrics with keen emotional insight and supple rhythmic command. A supremely inventive scat singer, she has honed a vivid vocabulary of sounds that can evoke the hollow thump of a tabla drum, the muted trumpet of Miles Davis, the insistent twang of a berimbau, the ethereal call of a flute, or the Stratocaster licks of Jimi Hendrix.

Elis Regina was one of the most ferociously talented singers to emerge from Brazil. She commanded the respect of Brazil's leading songwriters, who lined up for the chance to have her record one of their songs, and for much of her short life was the country's most popular female vocalist.

Artist sites and sounds:   www.claudiavillela.com and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elis_Regina

It's A Beautiful Day


San Francisco Rock Royalty with songs like "White Bird", "Bombay Calling", "Wasted Union Blues" and "Time Is"

Fri. Sept. 1 at 8pm
$15 adv./$15 door   dance ages 21 +

It's A Beautiful Day along with Santana are considered to be "2nd wave" bands that emerged from the San Francisco bay area in the late sixties. Moreover, like Santana, IABD headlined at the Fillmore West prior to recording an album. Their debut 1968 LP the self titled "It's A Beautiful Day" was laced with classic cuts such as "White Bird", "Bombay Calling", "Wasted Union Blues" and "Time Is" The single off the LP "White Bird" quickly became part of the FM play lists and is considered a classic of rock music.   

Artist sites and sounds: www.davidlaflamme.com

Corky Siegel & Matthew Santos  
7pm Concert


Corky Siegel blues legend of Siegel – Schwall and Matthew Santos, voice of the platinum selling hit “Superstar”

Sun. Sept. 24 at 7pm
$15 adv./$20 door  seated <21 w/parent

Announcing the tour of Blues legend Corky Siegel, considered to be among the best harmonica virtuosos and superb jazz pianists and the only Bluesman to record on prestigious classical label Deutsche Grammophon which was a blockbuster in sales and likewise his chamber ensemble, Chamber Blues is the only classical group on Blues giant Alligator Records. Corky teams up with two time Grammy nominee Matthew Santos whose meteoric career was launched as the voice on the certified platinum selling hit, Superstar  with Lupe Fiasco.  If you are a fan of great artists like John Legend, Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver you are going to love Matt Santos.  What a dynamic duo with Matt and Corky Siegel of the legendary Siegel – Schwall band. 

Artist sites and sounds:   http://www.corkymusic.com and www.matthewsantos.com

Concert Programmer and Booking Contact:
Tom Miller: email tmm@cruzio.com

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